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Undergraduate Research in Australia

ACUR 2013 Paper Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions must be no longer than 4000 words, including the abstract and the reference section.
  • Submissions must be original work that is not published, accepted or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • You must electronically submit a complete copy of the work labeled [YOUR NAME]: NOT FOR REVIEW as well as a BLIND COPY suitable to send out for review (that is, an anonymous copy for reviewers). All submissions must be in Microsoft Word. We also require submission of an ACUR 2013 Manuscript Coversheet (download below).
  • Referencing style guidelines can be found at the APA web site.
  • Formatting and other advice on preparing your manuscript, including directions on preparing a BLIND COPY, can be found on the Macquarie Matrix web site.
  • The official language of Macquarie Matrix is Australian English (refer to the Macquarie Dictionary for spelling conventions). For all manuscripts non-discriminatory language is mandatory.
  • Please send TWO separate emails to
    1. 1st Email with subject: [YOUR NAME]: NOT FOR REVIEW. Sign and scan the ACUR 2013 Manuscript Coversheet and email it with your manuscript attached. This copy should contain all your details and details of any additional authors.
    2. 2nd Email with subject: BLIND COPY. This copy should have your paper only attached. You will receive an email acknowledging that your paper has been received.

Criteria used to judge submissions are:

  • Originality and Interest:
    • The paper adds to our existing body of knowledge.
    • The findings are noteworthy
    • The paper clearly demonstrates why the research is important
  • Soundness:
    • The title and abstract are appropriate for this conference.
    • The research question(s) is clearly defined, located in an appropriate context (literature review) and appropriately answered.
    • There is good methodological integrity, including appropriate consideration of ethics.
    • The conclusions are supported by the research data and the methods used to collect it.
  • Readability:
    • The paper is clearly presented
    • It can be easily read by an intelligent audience who are not necessarily experts in the field
  • Meets guidelines:
    • The paper meets guidelines for length and style
    • Any tables, images, links or other additional data are useful and relevant.
    • References are present and complete

Download ACUR2013 Manuscript Coversheet [PDF - 52k]
Download ACUR2013 Manuscript Coversheet [Word - 20k]