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Undergraduate Research in Australia

Student Group

Affiliation of Macquarie University Undergraduate Research Student Society (MUURSS)

The undergraduate research project team under the leadership of Professor Angela Brew, who has strongly been promoting the engagement of undergraduates in research, has received funding to create a  community of undergraduate research scholars at Macquarie. This is a pilot project aimed to address the problem of the alienation of many students from the academic life of the university.

Role and Function of the Student Group:

The Macquarie University Undergraduate Research Student Society will meet regularly. Students who have already participated in undergraduate research experience programs, Honours students and students participating in research in courses or who show interest will be canvassed to join. The Society will run events, such as, seminars, displays in Campus Hub, stalls in O week, and social activities as well as provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. A team consisting of Macquarie's academics and professionals will provide support and guidance where required.

As a Student Society they will attract university resources for publicity and incidental expenditures. As Ambassadors for undergraduate research across the university they will provide a pressure group to lobby for changes to curricula, including undergraduate research experiences within departments. It is likely to link to other successful academic student societies such as the Psychology Society. Other interested students will be invited to join and the community will grow.

The Society will work to plan and run the Second Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research. This is a two day event to be held in the Spring of 2013. Although the project takes place in 2012-13 it is designed to ensure that the community of undergraduate scholars will carry forward into the future.

Project Vision

To develop as a strong and vibrant community of scholars; a community that will provide a focus for undergraduate research activities on campus, carry out research on learning and teaching, and act as ambassadors for creative curriculum change.

Project Outcomes

  • Increased awareness and involvement of undergraduate students in research, specifically, research designed to enhance learning and teaching.
  • Greater involvement of undergraduates in the scholarly life of the university in a variety of ways.

Project Goals

  • Published research on learning and teaching projects carried out principally by undergraduates and used to enhance learning and teaching.
  • Macquarie University Undergraduate Research Student Society established by students and a program of events held.
  • Planning and organisation of the second Australasian Conference on Undergraduate Research in 2013.


To join the group email: Elizabeth Tran or the group

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