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Undergraduate Research in Australia

Posters in Parliament - Presenters

(in alphabetical order)           

  1. Understanding the fragmentation of dying white blood cells
    Georgia Atkin-Smith, La Trobe University
  2. Crystallise your thoughts
    Vincey Au, Rowena Kok, Rosemary Menzies, Laura Sayers, Safat Sufian, The University of Sydney
  3. Is Ubc9 expression restricted to specific tissues during murine embryogenesis?
    Yi Aw, Australian National University
  4. EM1 goes walkabout: Atlantic vs. Pacific and the true geochemical essence of enriched mantle one
    Nicholas Badullovich, Australian National University
  5. International faculty versus local faculty: Why Singapore should not discount the value of international staff
    Purnima Balraju, University of Western Australia and National University of Singapore
  6. Iron and Brain Disease
    Brianna Bassett, The University of Newcastle
  7. Is Pink the New Green? Understanding ‘Pinkwashing’ in Communications
    Mitchell Blincoe, RMIT University
  8. Macquarie marches modelling mayhem
    Rebecca Borwell, The University of Newcastle
  9. Climate change: bridging the gap between environmental induced phenotypic change, population dynamics, and long-term evolution
    Thomas Botterill-James, The University of Tasmania
  10. Objective and Subjective Measures of Affective Response to Different Properties of Music
    James Brown, The University of Newcastle
  11. Physiognomy and the cult of Beethoven’s genius
    Rachel Campbell, University of New England
  12. Learning Lessons From Fires: A Study of Post-Disaster Inquiries in the 2003 Canberra Fires
    Ignatious Cha Yong Sing, Australian National University
  13. CollabEdit: Collaborative Text Editing Through Lock Transformation
    Nicholas Crouch, Flinders University
  14. Paternal Mental Health Following a Traumatic Childbirth
    Christian Inglis, University of the Sunshine Coast
  15. Language development in preschool children pre and post stimulation period
    Chi Yhun Lo, Macquarie University
  16. Investigation of SfM derived orientation values: performance, accuracy, constraints
    Damian Macrae , The University of Tasmania
  17. 'The effect of cow urine on pasture grass and the implications for nitrogen leaching to waterways'
    Amanda D. Neilen, Griffith University
  18. Comparisons of Landsat and MODIS Fire Scar Products: A Case Study in Northern Queensland, Australia
    Van Minh Ngo, The University of Queensland
  19. Compartmentalisation and method of determination for Mereenie oil and gas field
    Tu Nguyen, Truc Nguyen, Jieyand Wang, The University of Adelaide
  20. Power and Judgment in Arendt and Kant
    Alexandra Pearl Cain, Monash University
  21. A mathematical model for heat transfer in fire fighting suits containing phase change materials
    Hannah Phelps, University of New South Wales
  22. Would Multiple Reserve Currencies provide Stability to the International Monetary System?
    Jae Jung Shin, University of New South Wales
  23. Identifying Aboriginal hearths in Late Quaternary Northwest Victoria: an experimental study to replicate the production of 'clay ball' and calcium nodule heat retainers
    Christopher Silvester, La Trobe University
  24. Theories of Schizophrenia Aetiology: A Neural Network Modeling Approach
    Jesse Shapiro, Monash University
  25. Toward a New Method of Analysis for Vocal Timbre in Popular Song: Exploring how Vocal Timbre Contributes to Emotional Meaning through the Vocal Timbre-Lyric Priming Model
    Kristal Spreadborough, University of New England
  26. The Role of Neurohormones in Aquatic Parasitic Host-Finding Behaviours
    April Strong, University of the Sunshine Coast
  27. Plasma Pretreatments for PTMS Corrosion Protection Coatings on Magnesium and Aluminium Surfaces
    Jade Taylor, Flinders University
  28. Judicial Review of Ombudsman reports: Advantages, disadvantages, and the legal position
    Jonathon Tsianikas, University of Adelaide
  29. Government public relations and media portrayal of asylum seekers in Australia
    Rebecca van Essen, RMIT University
  30. Evaluation of headphone effects on performance in LiSN & Learn auditory training software
    Caroline Valim, Macquarie University
  31. Student Perceptions of Globalization: How do they influence actions and motivation?
    Anya Vorster, The University of Western Australia
  32. Study abroad: A quantitative analysis of global citizenship at an Australian university
    Rachel Webb, The University of Western Australia
  33. Immune cell involvement in the human AMD retina
    John Yek, Australian National University
  34. Thrombotic Potential of Canine Haemangiosarcoma: Role of Tissue Factor
    Fabian Lean Zhi Xiang, The University of Queensland and Cornell University