Top Performers

Web Transformation Project has been focused on improving our public website and our staff and students portals. We have been collaborating across the University since improving the experience of users is our key focus.

A special mention of all the teams who have embraced the concept and successfully engaged with us to meet the project objectives.

• Engaged well early in the year
• Embraced the concept of understanding their audience’s needs
• Committed themselves to supporting the project
• Committed to the concept of task-first thinking
• They have organised their team
• Brought on board the necessary members to get themselves well underway
• Special thanks to Megan Butler

• Have taken the ‘whole of university’ concept
• Looked on this as an opportunity to reinvigorate their content across the portals
• Thought seriously about what their audience and partners need from them (instead of the traditional broadcast model)
• Have embedded risk awareness into the everyday tasks staff undertake
• Using this approach will ensure their content is available to users where it can be most effective
• Special thanks to Liette Vandine and Sophie Mazard

• Prolific amount of published content
• Every possible scenario had been anticipated and documented on a range of different sites and in duplicate or triplicate!
• Team was committed to streamlining their content
• Ruthlessly (!) assessed every piece of published content as well as reviewed their internal processes
• Found valid and viable alternatives where possible
• Provided a wealth of information and support to our WTP writer
• These sections of copy are ready for subject matter expert review and are expected to be approved very shortly
• Special thanks to Louise Wedlock, Jenny Martin and Jordan Rowe

• Committed themselves to supporting the project
• One of the first areas to achieve an ‘Approved’ status on their content
• All keepers of key information are approaching their allocated pages in a collaborative way, looping in other colleagues as needed in areas of shared responsibility
• Keeping track of volatile processes during this hectic period to enable us to circle back efficiently to document them later
• Special thanks to Kathy Sewell and David Indge

• Challenging delivery (prior to O-Week) the team have proactively taken the ‘two step’ approach to their communications needs
•Updating the current website and portal to meet current communication and engagement requirements
•Working closely with the project team to ensure these updates are reflected in the new portal following the launch
• Taking the opportunity to refresh content
• Engaging with strategic partners across the University to ensure content messaging is aligned
• Regularly evaluating student needs, providing a ‘one-stop shop’
• Anticipate content delivery well before the due date
• Special thanks to Cassie Khamis

• Began work with a rapid improvement event (RIE) run through the BPII team
• Captured the momentum and created their content with the future state (beyond February 2017) firmly in mind
• Thought about their key engagement points with students and became part of those ‘shared incidental discussions’ with other stakeholders
• Content is almost complete, much is at the review stage
• Our project team have begun working with them to provide tone and voice editing of their content
• Special thanks to Lena Corzo Neisser and Tyree Barnette