Web Fast Facts

For the past 18 months a University-wide team led by the Web Transformation Project has been focused on improving our public website and our two portals – one for staff and one for students. We provide you here with key facts about the project and people involved.

Why are we doing this?

Aim is to improve our online presence – make it easier for people to find information to do their jobs and to collaborate across the University. Since improving the experience of users is the key focus 1014 students and 971 staff have been consulted on their expectations and experiences. Whilst this is a major improvement project, work will always be under way on keeping our online presence current and up to date with the best practice in websites.

Who is involved? 

The Web Transformation Team led by Richard Powell and 12 web specialists, IT, Marketing and two external partners called Squiz and Empirical Works. A University-wide team of 208 staff are working on the update of their own website content.

What’s the timeline?

Improvements to the public website were released at the end of 2015 with new work around improving content now under way in 2016 on the public site. The new student and staff portals will be launched February 2017.

What will be better with the new portals? 

Sites will be easier to use and will speed up the completion of everyday tasks.  The sites will be tailored to individual needs. More accurate and relevant information, quick pathways to commonly used online resources and tools plus a stronger display of our culture and personality will all contribute to an improved web experience.

What can staff expect?

  • Personalised info to your role and tasks with quick links based on your individual preferences.
  • More accurate and relevant information.
  • Better search functionality.
  • Better integration with other Macquarie systems.
  • Optimised for mobiles.

What’s not included?

Although the web project is combining a number of faculty and department sites with the staff and students websites, many IT systems are not included in the scope of this project. This also includes a number of key platforms that host University information like iLearn, IShare, Truth and collaborative spaces like Wiki. See what’s NOT included below.

The following are out of scope

Concur Marketing automation
CourseFinder Office 365
Echo360 OneHelp
eStudent ResearchOnline
Eduroam Room bookings
File storage Talent
Finance One Timesheet systems
Gmail Tracker
Handbook Truth
Hospital website Unit guides
HR Online Unit guides  archive
iLearn Wiki


Alternative platforms will continue to host the following University information:

Type Platform
Publications ResearchOnline and the new Pure system
Research materials The new Pure system
Teaching materials iLearn and iShare
University Records Truth
Collaborative spaces WIKI
Software and files that are not University records Cloudstore, Shared drive, OneDrive


How can I find out more or become involved in the project?

  • We are always keen to hear from staff and students about their web experiences and expectations. Email project@mq.edu.au
  • All staff are invited to monthly web project update meetings and can access our Macqaurie Web Project blog where we regularly post updates. You can also contact your representative for your staff area as they are closely involved in the project.
  • For support with the public website, contact OneHelp.