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People and Acknowledgements

The following people and organisations were involved in establising the Arboretum in 2009 and 2010 and contributing to its ongoing development.
(A note about images)

Department of Biological Sciences

  • Lesley Hughes (co-chair)
  • Alison Downing
  • Barbara Rice
  • Julia Cooke
  • Wade Tozer
  • Samantha Newton
  • Mark Westoby
  • Michelle Leishman
  • Rachael Gallagher
  • Nola Hancock
  • Ron Oldfield
  • Ian Wright
  • Kevin Downing
  • Robert Kooyman
  • Christina Birbaum
  • Brian Atwell


  • Leanne Denby (co-chair)
  • Belinda Bean
  • Sarah-Jo Steinhoff
  • Cindy Cunningham
  • Iain Brew
  • Gabriel Tsang

Faculty of Science

  • Andrew Simpson
  • Cathy Gonzales
  • Alexandra Meagher
  • Richard Flood

Dept of Ancient History

  • Karl van Dyke

Office of Facilities Management

  • John Macris
  • Michael Maroney
  • Hilary Bekmann

Eden Gardens

  • Simon Ainsworth

University Records and Archives

  • Lachlan Morgan


  • Claire Boyle


Images are frequently supplied by staff and students and credited appropriately with full name.
Some images are also sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Commons is a freely licensed media file repository. Where available, photographers names are included. Images available from Wikimedia Commons are usually licensed through GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2, and/or Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license