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In conjunction with the Macquarie Experience program (secondary level) and the Peninsula schools program (primary level), the Arboretum has developed a number of activities that complement the curriculum and enhance the study of plant and ecosystem science outside the classroom.

Activities can be tailored to the needs of teachers and students but are broadly complementary to the following subject areas:

Stages 4 & 5

Plant physiol (multicellular organisms) – structural components of flowering plants
Classification (using structural features and dichotomous keys)

Stage 6

Ecosystem diversity Evolutions and fossils
Wetlands – biotic and abiotic factors

Plant of the Week

Each week Alison and Kevin Downing prepare a Plant of the Week display. The display can be found in the ground floor foyer of building E8C. The following documents were prepared by Alison and Kevin Downing for past displays.

Acacia (pdf)
Banksia ericifolia (pdf)
Banksia integrifolia (pdf)
Banksia marginata (pdf)
Banksia oblongifolia (pdf)
Banksia robur (pdf)
Banksia serrata (pdf)
Banksia spinulosa (pdf)
Blueberry Ash (pdf)
Boronia (pdf)
Bougainvillea (pdf)
Callistemon and Melaleuca (pdf)
Camellia (pdf)
Castanospermum australe (pdf)
Ceratopetalum gummiferum (pdf)
Christmas Bush (pdf)
Chrysanthemum (pdf)
Citharexylum (pdf)
Coffee (pdf)
Corymbia citriodora (pdf)
Deciduous Azaleas (pdf)
Eucalyptus botryoides (pdf)
Eucalyptus globulus subsp. bicostata (pdf)
Exocarpus cupressiformis (pdf)
Ficus benjamina (pdf)
Gingko biloba (pdf)
Grevillea hybrids (pdf)
Gymea Lily (pdf)
Hymenosporum (pdf)
Jacaranda (pdf)
Limonium (pdf)
Liquidambar (pdf)
Liriodendron (pdf)
Loropetalum (pdf)
Macrozamia communis (pdf)
Mahonia (pdf)
Nothofagus moorei (pdf)
Pittosporum (pdf)
Podocarpus elatus (pdf)
Quercus acutissima (pdf)
Rhododendron (pdf)
Schlumbergera (pdf)
Southern Blue Gum (pdf)
Strelitzia (pdf)
Syzygium luehmannii (pdf)
Syzygium wilsonii (pdf)
Thryptomene (pdf)
Triadica sebifera (pdf)
Vireya Rhododendron (pdf)
Waratah (pdf)