Plan a visit

Plan a visit

The Gallery offers a wide range of programs for a variety of visitors – individuals, Macquarie students, school groups, business and community groups.

Our vision is to open people’s eyes and minds to the wonder, richness and sheer pleasure of art. We want to introduce you to art and the artists whose works are on display in the gallery, and throughout the collection. We’re aiming to enrich your understanding, encourage your questions, offer new experiences and start a conversation.


Exhibition details

The Macquarie University Art Gallery offers regular, changing exhibition programs to engage audiences from all walks of life. Entry to exhibitions is FREE and we invite you to come and experience the artworks at your leisure. Should you wish to visit the exhibition in a group, as part of a scheduled program, or in tandem with an event, we ask that you fill in the booking form.

Alongside the gallery exhibitions, other activities are on offer:

  • school programs
  • higher learning programs
  • interactive sessions/demonstrations
  • tours
  • lectures and talks
  • workshops
  • art appreciation sessions

Activities taking place at the Gallery will be related to the themes of the exhibition that is on show at the time.

Visit What's on for upcoming exhibitions.


Can I purchase any of the artworks on display in the exhibition? 
The artworks are not for sale, as we source material from state, regional and national public galleries as well as private collections. However, we normally stage an exhibition in December where visitors have the opportunity to purchase works direct from the artist.

What programs are you running with this exhibition?
Programs depend on the exhibition content and duration – they can include workshops, talks, tours, performances and seminars.

Is there a specific schools program for this exhibition?
We run a schools program for every exhibition. For more information, select the Programs tab, open ‘Schools’ for program types.

Make a group booking or call the Art Gallery on (02) 9850 7437.


Program details

Alongside each of the exhibitions on display throughout the year, the Gallery offers various related programs. These may include:

  • school programs
  • higher learning programs
  • community programs
  • interactive sessions/demonstrations

We can work together to design a program that can harness informal learning opportunities and further encourage research practice.

Contact either Rhonda or Leonard to discuss a program.

Higher learning: Units of study at Macquarie University

Co-design a program with gallery staff related to relevant curricula or make a booking for a set educational program.

We invite lecturers from various disciplines to utilise the exhibition program and space for learning and teaching.


Create a tailored education program

Co-design a program with gallery staff related to relevant curricula or make a booking for a set educational program.

For each exhibition, we offer interactive tours that encourage students to voice their own ideas and interpretations about the artwork they are encountering. Programs can be designed to meet your curriculum outcomes. For the visual arts, we incorporate the frames into the tour sessions – cultural, postmodern, structural and subjective. The program also includes an applied, practical workshop.

Framework program: role of artist and curator

Aimed at Year 10–12 students, this program explores the role of the artist and curator in relation to the audience within the contemporary art world context. The session will include a behind-the-scenes look into the curatorial process within exhibition making.

Special exhibition program

Art, War and Peace: George Gittoes and James Gleeson
6 June – 8 July

A comparative study of Gittoes and Gleeson sourced from the Macquarie University Art Collection provides students with an insight into the different ways artists have responded to and have experienced war, from the home front and as an eyewitness. The artist James Gleeson, one of Australia’s leading proponents of surrealism, created disturbing and powerful images linked to a modernist response to the effects of World War II. George Gittoes, working within the postmodern context, has utilised photography and film to investigate war and its aftermath on contemporary society from a global standpoint.

Duration: 2 hours (booking times flexible)
Content: Lecture, film, tour and drawing
Cost: $10

Community programs

Talk to a Gallery staff member about our Art and Dementia Program, or co-design a community-based program to stimulate the senses, the mind and the soul.

Art and Dementia Program

The Art and Dementia program was initially developed in 2009 as an outreach service that took art into aged care facilities. In 2011, the program was revitalised to take into account the importance of using the gallery space as a place for social interaction, to experience art in a relaxed and peaceful setting. We have found the gallery space encourages people living with dementia to express their own stories through the appreciation of art on many and varied levels that supports a sense of feeling part of the everyday world.

The gallery runs tours for people living with dementia and their carers on Wednesdays and Fridays:

  • morning sessions start at 10.30am and finish at 12pm
  • afternoon sessions start at 2pm and finish at 3.30pm

Morning/afternoon tea is served during each session.


Is there a limit for group bookings?
Gallery staff will work with you to arrange what is most suitable for your group. Generally, we can accommodate up to 100 but we need at least two weeks notice for large groups.

Do you charge for programs?
Some educational and community programs are offered for free. However, depending on the nature of the program, the group, and how it is tailored to a particular group, a fee may be charged for programs designed for specific group needs.

What materials do you provide for the program?
For each school program, we provide an educational kit to aid the program delivery. Depending on the nature of the program, we may provide materials or we may ask the group to bring their own. All of these details will be worked out and communicated to the group leader.


Tour details

We offer all kinds of tour variations to suit an array of preferences. You could:

  • take a tour of the exhibition or part of the collection with a gallery team member
  • take a guided or self-guided tour of the Sculpture Park
  • arrange a viewing of To Absent Friends, a Paula Dawson Hologram

Phone 02 9850 7437 to discuss and book a tour. Visit What's on


Does a tour still go ahead if it’s raining?
The Sculpture Park tour will not go ahead if it is raining, but you can always join another tour that is conducted indoors.

Do you charge for these tours?
No, all the tours listed above are free. Should your group wish to design your own tour, or if a tour is run alongside a program, we may charge a fee.

Are we allowed to take photos?
Please check with your tour guide whether you are allowed to take photos of certain artworks.

Where do we meet?
Meet your dedicated tour guide in front of the Chancellery Building, E11A at 1pm.

What happens if I’m late?
If the group has not yet left the Chancellery Building, you may still be able to join the tour, but once the group has left, unfortunately there will be no-one available to escort you to the tour.

Do I need to bring anything?
If you are going on the Sculpture Park tour we suggest you bring a bottle of water and wear a hat, sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes. If you like to take notes, you are welcome to bring a pen and paper. You may also wish to bring your lunch and/or refreshments.

How long do the tours last?
Generally about an hour

Can I leave a tour before it is finished?
You are free to leave the tour whenever you wish.


Sculpture Park

Program details

The University's open parkland of 126 hectares features significant flora and fauna reserves, heritage sites, and an earth sciences garden. Peppered among these natural features are some 130 original sculptures by leading and emerging Australian and international sculptors.

The Sculpture Park is a 'space of possibilities', where the environment and people interconnect through a process of discovery, enjoyment and learning. It also allows for social interaction where collective interpretation and reflection can be shared. The natural surroundings give you an opportunity to visually engage and explore at your own leisure.

The Art Gallery team runs interactive guided walking tours of the Sculpture Park, under the expert direction of an Art Gallery team guide, on the second Friday of every month. Meet your dedicated tour guide in front of 19 Eastern Rd, The Chancellery at 1pm on the following dates:

11 March, 8 April, 13 May, 10 June, 8 July, 12 August, 9 September, 14 October, 11 November, 9 December

Celebrate the winter solstice in style
View the sculptures in the magic hour of twilight!
Meet at the Art Gallery, 19 Eastern Rd, The Chancellery
Tuesday 21 June
5.30pm – 8pm

Be sure to register. Visit What's on


Does a tour still go ahead if it’s raining?
The Sculpture Park tour will not go ahead if it's raining, but you can always join another tour that is conducted indoors.

Do you charge for these tours?
No, all the tours listed above are free. Should your group wish to design your own tour, or if a tour is run alongside a program, we may charge a fee.

How do the sculptures survive the elements?
We have what we call a preventative conservation program in place where works are regularly inspected and cleaned. This year we’ve cleaned 80 sculptures as part of this program. Some works are intended by the artist to react to the elements to achieve what is termed a patina.

Do you ever move the sculptures?
The sculptures are relocated periodically but we must receive the permission of the sculptor to do this due to the moral rights legislation. The relocation is a complex process that involves a number of specialists in their field.


Program details

Attend a talk or demonstration given by an exhibiting artist, a contemporary arts practitioner, a Macquarie staff member or a gallery curator. Themes of the talks may be related to the current exhibition, current innovations and technologies and/or current events.

  • Artists talks: with exhibition artists
  • Art lectures series: art appreciation lectures centred on a particular theme
  • Interactive sessions/demonstrations: interact with a new technology and/or innovation

Be sure to book. Visit What's on


How long do the lectures go for?
The lectures generally go for 1 hour including a Q & A session of 15 minutes.

Can I take notes on my mobile device?
People are most welcome to bring along their laptop, tablet or phone to take notes, pictures or record, unless specified by the speaker.

Can I take photos?
Please check with your tour guide if photography is permitted without flash.



Program details

Within the stimulating surrounds of the Gallery and its latest exhibition, learn more about the elements of art through an understanding and appreciation of a diverse range of artistic practices.

Be sure to book. Visit What's on


How much do workshops cost?
The cost of workshops varies according to the intensity and level. The cost will be specified on each of the workshop event pages.

How old do you need to be to attend?
We design workshops that include a range of ages from preschool up to seniors. For instance, all ages are welcome for this year’s beading workshop.

Make your booking

Getting here

The Macquarie University Art Gallery is located at 19 Eastern Rd The Chancellery on Macquarie’s North Ryde campus. The nearest cross streets are Technology Place and Eastern Road, Macquarie Park.  Getting to Macquarie

Train The nearest train station is Macquarie University and is about a 1 km walk along University Avenue then Eastern Road. Note that Macquarie University train station will be closed from 30 September 2018 for around seven months to enable conversion to the new Sydney Metro Northwest.

Bus The nearest bus stop is Macquarie Centre, which services bus routes from all across the city. Macquarie Centre is on Herring Road, North Ryde, and is about a 1 km walk along University Avenue then Eastern Road.

Bike There is a bicycle rack just opposite the Chancellery Building, in the Macquarie Graduate School of Management car park.

Once you're here

The nearby Campus Hub and the Macquarie Graduate School of Management have fantastic eateries, serving a diverse variety of food. Macquarie Centre is within a short walking distance and has numerous eateries and cafes.

Visitors information

Macquarie University Art Gallery is responsible for the presentation and safekeeping of all artworks on display that are part of the Macquarie University Collection.

Photography is permitted without a flash, once discussed with an Art Gallery staff member.

Visitors are asked not to touch any of the artworks or installations unless otherwise directed. It is important to keep the artworks safe against possible damage, and our hands transmit foreign material onto the artworks that over time will impact and cause damage.

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