Online Training Resources

Online Training Resources

Macquarie University has developed a selection of e-learning modules to provide training across records and information management, government information access and contract disclosure.

Records and Information Management

Records and Information Management training module

This training package is:

  • recommended introduction to recordkeeping concepts and obligations for all staff
  • mandatory as part of induction for new staff

For more information about Records and Information Management, visit State Records Training Resource Centre.



This training package will provide information about:

  • features and objectives of GIPA Act
  • responsibilities of University staff under the GIPA Act
  • different ways that information can be released

Contract Register and Contract Disclosure

This training package has been designed to provide Macquarie University staff in responding to the responsibilities in the GIPA Act concerning:

  • how to enter contract information
  • government contracts with the public sector
  • contract disclosure provisions
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