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Academic Senate is established under section 15 of the Macquarie University Act 1989 and its function is prescribed by section 28 the Macquarie University By-law 2005. The Academic Senate reports to the University Council.

In accordance with Clause 36 (a) of the Academic Senate Rules the Academic Senate may determine its own procedures. The administration of the business of Academic Senate is conducted by the Governance Services unit.

Academic Senate meetings

The Senate conducts its meetings in accordance with the Academic Senate and Academic Senate Committees Procedure, subject to the Macquarie University Act, By-laws and Macquarie University Rules.

  • Meeting observation — Senate meetings are open for staff and students to observe — if you would like to observe this meeting, contact the Secretariat in advance of the meeting to ensure appropriate seating is provided.
  • Agenda inclusions — reports and papers must be emailed using the appropriate template to senate@mq.edu.au at least two weeks before the date of the meeting.
  • Apologies — members must submit apologies via email to senate@mq.edu.au before the meeting.

Academic Senate annual agenda plan

Contact us

Chair of Academic Senate

Professor Jacqueline Phillips
T: +61 (2) 9850 2753
E: chair.senate@mq.edu.au

Manager, Governance Secretariat

Megan Kemmis
E: senate@mq.edu.au

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