Information held

Information held

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The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) (GIPA Act) provides for the public to have right of access to government information. Government information is defined in the Act as meaning 'information contained in a record held by an agency'.

Types of information held by Macquarie University include policies, reports, prospectuses, guides, and academic, employment, training and health information.

Most Macquarie University information is 'open access' information, which is publicly available and free of charge, primarily through the University's website:

Some information, such as publications, is available for purchase; while some information may require an informal request or an access application to be made under the GIPA Act.


Archives are records required for the University's ongoing administrative needs, as well as records classified as state archives under the State Records Act 1998 (NSW). This includes files, minutes, agenda and reports, as well as past copies of official University publications.


Under Part 6 of the State Records Act, public access is available to many of the University's records after 30 years. Some records will be available earlier, whereas some records will be closed for a longer period of time. Decisions regarding access are specified in access directions lodged by Macquarie University under the State Records Act:

Information contained in records that have an open to the public access direction do not require a request under the GIPA Act. This information can be accessed through an application to the Macquarie University Archives. Inquiries should be directed to the contact listed below.

Where information is contained in a record that is over 30 years of age, and an access direction has not yet been applied, a request to apply an access direction should first be made under the State Records Act as the information may be open to public access. Inquiries and requests should be directed in the first instance to the contact listed below.

Where information falls within the restricted 30-year period, or where it has a closed to the public access direction, an informal request or an access application will be required under the GIPA Act (further details about requesting access to information is provided on Accessing Macquarie University information page).


Coordinator, University Records Governance Support Unit at

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An official record is the University's original or primary record of its business activities. Records exist in relation to the functions of individual units, schools, departments, institutes, centres, faculties and divisions. They include information relating to administrative activities, legal issues, students, staff, courses, student discipline, grants, research, etc.


Access may be available through an informal request or an access application made under the GIPA Act (further details about requesting access to information is provided on Accessing Macquarie University information page).


Right to Information Contact Officer Coordinator, University Records Governance Support Unit.

Official publications

The Macquarie University Calendar of Events can be found at the main university council website ( and contains the Macquarie University, Sydney, Act 1989 (NSW), the student and general Rules of the University, and information on the University's senior executive, staff and Council and its committees.

The Macquarie University Handbook contains comprehensive information on all courses and subjects offered by the University.

The Macquarie University Annual Report is a review of the University's operations and financial statements, compiled under the Annual Reports (Statutory Bodies) Act 1984 (NSW).


Official publications are available at:

Current Macquarie University Handbook and Macquarie University Calendar are available at:

A hard copy of the Macquarie University Annual Report is available free, on request.

Copies of the official publications can also be viewed in the Macquarie University Archives (


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Policy information and plans

The University has developed policies for specific matters, and planning documents that outline the strategic direction of the University.


Policies are available at policy central:

Some planning information, including the University's strategic plan, is available at


Right to Information Officer at

Promotional information

Information relating to promotion of Macquarie University is contained in a range of promotional documents, including the Macquarie University Undergraduate entry Requirements, postgraduate studies, undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies, Professional year, Scholarships, Macquarie University Foundation studies, SIBT Diploma, About Macquarie, International Undergraduate Student Prospectus, Postgraduate Course Prospectus ( , Macquarie City Campus (, magazine and the University's alumni magazine SIRIUS.


Most of this information is available on the University's website:

Print copies of these documents are available free of charge, on request. The course guides are also distributed at school visits, careers markets, Macquarie University open days and through mail Macquarie University.


Macquarie University Student Centres
(t) (02) 9850 7111

Information about decisions and decision-making processes

Information relating to decisions and decision-making processes is contained in agenda and minutes of Council and its committees, the Academic Board and its committees, and other committees.


Council meeting resolutions and papers are available at:

Phone 02 9850 4791 or 02 9850 1088

Information about students and staff

Personal information, health information and privacy issues are managed by the University in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW).


Work contact details for most Macquarie University staff are available on the Macquarie University directory at:

In most cases, Macquarie University will grant an individual access to their own personal or health information under the respective Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act or the Health Records and Information Privacy Act. An application under the GIPA Act is not usually required.

The University does not provide a third party access to an individual's personal information without the permission of the individual concerned, unless there is a legal requirement to do so.

Access to another person's personal information requires an access application under the GIPA Act. The other person's privacy will be taken into account and, where possible, the individual concerned will be consulted.

Applications to amend personal information considered incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading must be made under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act. If the University does not agree that the information needs amendment, the applicant is entitled to have a notation added to the record.

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