Accessing Macquarie University information

Accessing Macquarie University information

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Under the GIPA Act, information held by Macquarie University can be accessed in four ways:

  • open access ('publicly available information' below)
  • proactive release ('publicly available information' below)
  • informal release ('applying for access to information' below)
  • access application ('applying for access to information' below).

Publicly available information

The University is obliged to provide open access to the following information:

  • publication guide
  • policy documents
  • register of contracts
  • disclosure log
  • documents about Macquarie University tabled in the NSW Parliament
  • open access information not disclosed.

This information is available at

The University is also required to consider what types of information should be proactively released in addition to information already publicly available on the University's website. This decision will be made by the Right to Information Coordinator under delegation from the Vice-Chancellor.

Information decided for proactive release will be available at

To make inquiries regarding open access information, or proactive release information, contact the Right to Information Contact Officer.

Applying for access to information

A person wishing to access information under the GIPA Act must apply to the Right to Information Coordinator.

The Right to Information Coordinator may decide that the application can be dealt with as an informal request and informally release the information. In such cases, the application fee, timeframes and review rights will not apply.

If the information is not already available, and cannot be accessed through an informal request, a formal access application will be required. To lodge an access application, the following is required:

  • The application must be in writing and state that it is made under the GIPA Act.
  • It must be accompanied by the $30 application fee (a reduction of 50 per cent may be applicable in circumstances where an applicant can prove financial hardship, or where Macquarie University is satisfied the information applied for is of special benefit to the public generally).
  • The application needs to provide sufficient detail to enable the University to identify the information requested.
  • An Australian postal address must be provided.

In addition to the application fee, there may be a processing charge payable of $30 an hour (after the first 20 hours where the individual's personal information is requested). Where applicable, the applicant will be advised of costs or possible reductions.

Macquarie University will acknowledge receipt of the access application in writing. The University will decide within 20 working days of receipt of an application whether access will be provided. The applicant will be advised as soon as possible of the outcome and given reasons if access is denied, partially provided or deferred.

An applicant may apply for an internal review of the decision. An application for internal review must be made within 20 working days of the determination, be in writing and accompanied by the $40 application fee. Alternatively, the applicant has the right to external review by the Information Commissioner and/or the Administrative Decisions Tribunal.

To request access to information, or to make an inquiry about the process, contact the Right to Information Contact Officer.

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