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Disclosure log

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Disclosure Log (information released)

A Disclosure Log is a new requirement of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. The Log is a record of information that the Macquarie University has already released, often in response to a specific request from a member of the public or an organisation. This information could be of interest to other members of the public. disclosure log will list details about an application without releasing any identifying information relating to an individual.

Macquarie University's Disclosure Log will be placed on the website when it contains material.

Release DateMQ ReferenceTitle Information 
Summary of Documents ReleasedHow to Access
8/04/2016GIPA 16-01Report on Department of Earth and Planetary Science and CCFSEPS Final Brief Reportcontact gipa@mq.edu.au
9/09/2016GIPA 16-02Documents relating to Sexual Harassment cases on campusNumber of folios in total - summary of documentscontact gipa@mq.edu.au
19/08/2016GIPA 16-03HDR student records releasePhd Examinationscontact gipa@mq.edu.au
19/10/201010/1603Therapeutic Goods Information RequestEmails relating to subject and Brian Gulson an employee of Macquarie Universitycontact gipa@mq.edu.au
25/10/201010/6Performance of Students from Public School Backgrounds at Macquarie UniversityInformation Sought not kept by the Universitycontact gipa@mq.edu.au
08/12/201010/1549Documents relating to ICAC ReportReport by Linda Pettersson.
Letter from Vice-Chancellor dated 23 August 2010.
File note of meeting on 3 June 2010 between Professor Peter Anderson, Ms Marie Sullivan and Ms Linda Petterssen.
Responses to further questions for Professor Peter Anderson.
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
24/12/201010/8Correspondences relating to Macquarie University's Financial Reporting of NCRIS 5.1 cash co-investment contributionCertification of Document information search regarding 2010 GIPA Act Application 10/8.
Email from Jessica McKinnon to Jim Piper reference NCRIS 5.1 Reporting Figures - Dated 15/05/2009 (1 Page).
Email from Jessica McKinnon to Jim Piper reference NCRIS 5.1 Bioprocessing - Financial Statement Dated 7/05/2009 (3 Page).
Cumulative Statement of Income and Expenditure for period 01/07/2007 to 30/06/2009 NCRIS C/Wealth & NSW/SLF Funding - NSW Government.
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
05/04/201111/10Specific Student FileSpecific student file and related emails, letters and documents (38 in total).contact gipa@mq.edu.au
11/04/201111/11Vice Chancellor's KPI's1) Vice Chancellor's KPIs 2008-2010
2) Vice Chancellor's LPIs 2009
3) 2009 Bonus Paid to Executive Staff
4) A breakdown of total remuneration, cash and non-cash benefits paid to the University Vice Chancellor Steven Schwartz for the calendar year 2009
5) Vice Chancellor KPI's for 2007
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
09/11/201111-005Correspondences that relates to a plagiarism incident in the subject constitutional law in the second half of semester 2 2007 which meant I was excluded from Macquarie for the year of 2008Correspondence leading up to the Discipline Investigation & Subject Matter
Discipline Committee decision
Standing Committee appeals acknowledgement letter
University Council appeal decision
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
19/12/2011GIPA 11-006

The total number of Informatics staff members who submitted an expression in the voluntary separation/redundancy offers of August 2011

Number releasedcontact gipa@mq.edu.au
19/12/2011GIPA 11-007

All records of the University that pertain to the police operation conducted at the University Conception Day on 17 September 2010 and copies of all CCTV footage at the place of Conception Day, including particularly footage of the Police Operation.

No information foundcontact gipa@mq.edu.au
04/04/2012GIPA 12-018If the University invests its funds directly in any companies e.g. through the ownership of shares or bonds - any documents (including data from a database) with information on the current or most recently stated dollar value or number of equities held in each of the following companies:
Babcock International , Babcock & Wilcox Company, BAE Systems, Boeing, European Aeronautic Defence and Space, Finnmeccanica,  GenCorp Inc,  General Dynamics,  Goodrich Corporation,  Honeywell International,  ITT Corporation, Jacobs Engineering, Larsen & Toubro,  Lockheed Martin, Moog Inc, Northrop Grumman,  Raytheon

MLC Statement  Annual Statement (redacted)
Financial Services Statement

contact gipa@mq.edu.au
10/02/2012GIPA 12-0012011 Deloittes Support  Services ReviewNonecontact gipa@mq.edu.au
13/02/2012GIPA 12-0022011 Deloittes Support  Services ReviewNonecontact gipa@mq.edu.au
13/02/2012GIPA 12-003References sent by MQ staff employee to other universities in regards to a former employeeTwo referee reports from email releasedcontact gipa@mq.edu.au
18/06/2012GIPA 12-016OIC review for Case GIPA 12-001Nonecontact gipa@mq.edu.au
18/06/2012GIPA 12-017OIC review for Case GIPA 12-002Nonecontact gipa@mq.edu.au
05/07/2012GIPA 12-0233rd party Consultation on 2SER Change Proposal13 emails relating to 2SER change proposalcontact gipa@mq.edu.au
21/08/2012GIPA 12-12Museum Studies1) A Simpson Self-Assessment report 15 September 2011.pdf
2) Academic Senate Minutes_7 June 2012.pdf
3) FSQC minutes 14 May.pdf
4) Postgraduate Diploma of Museum Studies Approval and Discontinuance in 2013.pdf
5) 6 Assorted email with Attachments
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
12/03/2012GIPA 12-26Information Regarding closure of Museum Studies1) List of Museum studies students who have received university awards
2) List of Museum studies students who have gone on to further study in other areas of the university
3) AMIS data about Museum Studies over its entire history
4) Criteria for employing honorary staff
5) Student numbers over the life of the program
6) Correspondence between Jamie Gabriel and other University staff regarding the museum studies program
7) Correspondence between Kelsie Dadd and other university staff regarding the Museum Studies program
8) Correspondence between Andrew Simpson and other university staff regarding the closure of the Museum Studies program
9) Correspondence between Jim Piper and other university staff regarding Museum Studies
10) Correspondence between Judyth Sachs and other university staff concerning Museum Studies
11) Correspondence between Stephen Schwarz and other university staff concerning Museum Studies
12) Correspondence between Mike Poulsen and other university staff concerning Museum Studies
13) Correspondence between John Simons and other university staff concerning Museum Studies
14) Impact analysis of ceasing intake of museum studies students
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
02/08/2012GIPA 12-19Records relating to PICT, Middle East And North African centre and management correspondence relating to these itemsEmail and Faculty records between 2005 and 2010contact gipa@mq.edu.au
11/01/2013GIPA 12-30University Discipline Committee September meetings in 2012Statistics and Information from Committee Representative received by email 20 December 2012contact gipa@mq.edu.au
18/01/2013GIPA 12-28Documents & Correspondence between Macquarie university and City fo Ryde Council 1/10/2012 and 14/11/2012 concerning draft development agreement1) Email chain ending with email dated 9 November 2010 between Adrian Briggs, Macquarie University, and Nick Chapman, Ryde Council, on Proposed voluntary planning agreement
2) Letter from Macquarie University to Ryde City Council (CoR) - 10 Oct 2011 (without attachments)
3) Letter from Macquarie University to Ryde City Council (CoR) - 10 Oct 2011 (including attachments)
4) Email dated 6 February.2012 (including attachments) from Macquarie University to City of Ryde Council
5) Email dated 29 June 2012 between City of Ryde Council and Macquarie University
6) Draft Planning Agreement dated 28 June 2012 between Ryde City Council and Macquarie university Oct 2011 attached to above email
7) email sent at 3.21 pm on 6 February 2012 from Macquarie University to City of Ryde Council , together with all of the attachments to that email
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
04/12/2012GIPA 12-29Student information relating to Mid term assignments and misconductStatistics and Information from Committee Representative received by email 04 Dec 2012contact gipa@mq.edu.au
03/09/2013GIPA 13-033rd Party Consultation NSW HealthNo Summarycontact gipa@mq.edu.au
03/10/2013GIPA 13-05OUA, Campus Well Being, Student Advocacy , Student Counselling and Student Disability services15 items of email correspondencecontact gipa@mq.edu.au
15/01/2014GIPA 13-09Minutes from Student Services Advisory board covering decisions around Student Services Amenities Fee for PostgraduatesPublic items already availablecontact gipa@mq.edu.au
14/02/2014GIPA 13-06Any AMA about Chiropractic correspondence with UniversityNo items foundcontact gipa@mq.edu.au
02/02/2014GIPA 14-01Complaints relating to member of the Sports Centre18 items released  (10 letters, 2 emails, 3 records and 3 forms)contact gipa@mq.edu.au
23/04/2014GIPA 14-02Correspondence between Friends of Science of Medicine (FoSIM) and specific Macquarie University Staff in 20101 items released (FoSIM newsletter)contact gipa@mq.edu.au
24/07/2014GIPA 14-03Correspondence between Friends of Science of Medicine (FoSIM) and specific Macquarie University Staff in 20124 items released (FoSIM letter and 3 emails)contact gipa@mq.edu.au
10/09/2014GIPA 14-04Correspondence regarding HDR Student appeal3 items released ( Internal Memo and email)contact gipa@mq.edu.au
23/09/2014GIPA 14-05Correspondence regarding Undergraduate grade appeal26 items released ( Email , letters , Marking)contact gipa@mq.edu.au
27/11/2014GIPA 14-073rd Party Consultation NSW EPANo Summarycontact gipa@mq.edu.au
12/12/2014GIPA 14-06Examiner ReportsFinal Reports and Outcome of thesis examinationcontact gipa@mq.edu.au
26/03/2015GIPA 15-02Examiner ReportsThree Examiner Reports (part 1 and 2)contact gipa@mq.edu.au
22/05/2015GIPA 15-01My Master Communications DVCA and VCOffice
  1. TEQSA Letter 24 Nov 2014
  2. Briefing to council 13th Nov
  3. VC Response to TEQSA 12th Dec
  4. Email Correspondence VC Office, DVCA and Marketing 13th Nov
  5. Email Correspondence VC Office, DVCA and Marketing 18th Nov
  6. DVCA to VC correspondence 6th Feb
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
27/05/2015GIPA 15-03Correspondence regarding Undergraduate grade appeal
  1. Thesis:  submitted as part of Subject LAW564 in 2014
  2. LAW564 - Supervisor Report
  3. Advanced Legal Research Project Thesis Assessment Rubric: Convenor
  4. Grade Appeal in LAW564
  5. Grade Appeal Letter 15 January 2015
  6. Email Records concerning Grade Appeal February to March 2015
  7. Macquarie University Internal Record 5 May 2015
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
27/05/2015GIPA 15-04Correspondence regarding Undergraduate grade appealNo information foundcontact gipa@mq.edu.au
04/08/2015GIPA 15-053rd Party Consultation NSW EPA
  1. IT Staff Survey Comments May 2015
  2. IT Pulse Survey Data
contact gipa@mq.edu.au
07/08/2015GIPA 15-06Fees forecasting dataNo Information foundcontact gipa@mq.edu.au

Disclosure Log documents will be available in PDF format. If you have any questions or should you be unable to read this format, please contact the Right to Information on gipa@mq.edu.au. We will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests for an alternate hardcopy format of the document, free of charge.

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