How can I access information

How can I access information

Macquarie University publishes a large volume of material on this website. Much information relating to Macquarie University's structure and functions is available to the public on this website or by contacting the relevant Faculty or Office of the University. This material will be free of charge or available at the lowest possible cost.

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 requires that Government agencies must put certain information on their websites to be available to the public, free of charge. This is known as 'open access information' and includes:

The information you are looking for may already be available under one of these links.

All policy documents must be made available unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosure (OPIAD). To determine if there is an OPIAD, the public interest test needs to be applied to each document (refer to the guidelines for Public Interest Test).

After applying the public interest test, a University Faculty or Office Manager needs to determine whether:

  • a policy document may be made available with deletions, or
  • a policy document cannot be made publicly available because there is an overriding public interest against disclosure

If a section of a policy document cannot be released, then a copy of the document with deletions should be posted on the Business Centre website noting that it is an incomplete document.

Make an informal request

If the information you need is not already published on the Macquarie University website, the University may still be able to release it to you on request, without your needing to make a formal application. This information may be released if there are no public interest reasons why it should be kept confidential. To make an informal application, contact the Macquarie University Faculty or Office which holds the information you seek, guidance on which has been provided below:


  • For transcripts, confirmation of studies etc please lodge a query though AskMQ


  • For employment confirmation, access to employee files etc please contact HR


  • The University may release information such as confirmation of studies, confirmation of employment etc, with consent, to authorities such as insurance companies, prospective employers, and government bodies. For standard information releases please complete the following information request form
  • For all other information requests, including law enforcement, please contact the Privacy Officer.

Make a formal request

If you are seeking specific information which is not available on this website and not routinely provided by Macquarie University on request, you may apply formally for access to it. This involves making a written application and paying a fee. You can use our form. Complete it and send it in with payment to:

GIPA Officer
Security Desk, Building E11A
Balaclava Road
Macquarie University NSW 2109

Applications must:

  • be in writing and sent to the address above;
  • clearly state that you are making a request under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009;
  • enclose the $30 application fee (cheques and postal orders made out to Macquarie University)
  • nominate a return postal address in Australia for correspondence purposes; and
  • include as much specific information as necessary to enable Macquarie University to identify the information you are looking for.

If your application does not include all these things, it will be invalid and cannot be processed. If that happens, the Macquarie University Right to Information Unit (RTI Unit) will let you know what you need to do to make your application valid.

If your application is valid, the RTI Unit will acknowledge receipt of the application within 5 working days and deal with your application within 20 working days. Under certain circumstances, an extension of time to complete the application can be obtained by the Macquarie University.

If Macquarie University does not decide your access application within 20 days, it is considered 'refused'. The agency will refund your application fee and you will have the right to seek internal or external review. (This does not apply if an extension of time has been arranged, or where the agency is waiting for you to pay an advance deposit).

What does it cost ?

The basic fee under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 is $30. Processing charges may be charged at $30 per each hour of processing an application. In some situations, the University will require you to pay an advance deposit. The University will let you know when this is required.

Applicants can apply for a 50 per cent reduction in processing costs on the grounds of financial hardship, or ask for the fee to be waived altogether if this information will be of special benefit to the public generally.

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