Register of Contracts

Register of Contracts

Register of contracts

The GIPA Act (part 3, division 5) requires Macquarie University to maintain a publicly available register of contracts on the University's website.

The register of contracts records information about contracts between Macquarie University and private sector entities valued at or above $150,000, where one of the contract parties has agreed to:

  • undertake a specific project (e.g. construction, infrastructure or property development)
  • provide specific goods or services (e.g. information technology services)
  • transfer real property to another party in the contract, or
  • a lease of real property.

Employment contracts reporting is not required. 

Classes of contracts

The Act identifies three classes of contracts. Most contracts entered into by the University following the usual tendering process will be Class1 contracts. Class 2 contracts are generally those where there has not been a tender process and have a value of less than $5 million. Class 3 contracts are those with a value of more than $5 million. 

The detail required to be reported varies with each Class of contract. A copy of Class 3 contracts must be made available with the Register. For full details of the requirements refer to Division 5 of the Act.

Some confidential information is not required to be included in the Register of Contracts, as set out Under section 32 of the Act, some types of contract information, or all or part of a contract, are not required to be included in the Macquarie University register of contracts.

Click  All contracts to see the register.

Submission of contracts to register

Each office who handles a large number of contracts has a nominated officer in charge of handling and submitting contracts to the register.  Please contact for your nominated officer in charge of contract registration. 

For smaller offices or individual staff who handle less contracts a simple process has been setup to submit a scanned contract through an online form at the following records submission website . 

Online Training for Contract Register and Contract Disclosure

A training package has been designed to provide Macquarie University staff in responding to the responsibilities in the GIPA Act concerning:

  • how to enter contract information
  • government contracts with the public sector
  • contract disclosure provisions
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