Right to information

Right to information

Publicly available Macquarie information

The following types of information are publicly available, in accord with the provisions of Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) on mandatory proactive release (s6) and authorised proactive release (s7).

Macquarie information guide

The Macquarie: Information Guide describes Macquarie structure and functions, how the public can participate in these functions, and the various types of information Macquarie holds and how they can be accessed.

Similar information was previously reported in Macquarie statements of affairs and summary of affairs released under the FOI Act.

Policy documents

Macquarie Records and Information: Policy is the located on our Policy central site along with the 7 key related documents

  1. Records and Information Classify and Capture Procedure
  2. Records and Information Access and Security Procedure
  3. Records and Information Retention and Disposal Procedure
  4. Records and Information Schedule of Definitions
  5. Appendix 1: Records Retention Guide
  6. Appendix 2: Records Classification Guide
  7. Staff Code of Conduct

These provide the framework for managing strategic records at the University and support

Register of contracts

The register of contracts records details of contracts between Macquarie and private parties valued over $150,000.

Disclosure log

The disclosure log records details of selected disclosures made as part of access applications.

Documents about Macquarie tabled in NSW Parliament

The Macquarie Annual Report is tabled in Parliament each year.

Open access information not disclosed

This category records open access (mandatory release) information not disclosed due to overriding public interest.

The Macquarie register of undisclosed open access information will list all open access information that has not been disclosed.

Authorised proactive release information

Decisions on authorised proactive release will be made in June each year.

At present, there is no information that has been authorised for release that is not already available on the Macquarie website.

Who can help me with more information?

The Right to Information Officer
Macquarie University
Phone:  +61 2 9850 7218
Email:  gipa@mq.edu.au

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