Male teachers headed for extinction in Australia: study predicts no more male teachers from around the mid-2060’s

18 September 2017

Macquarie University researchers have calculated the proportion of male teachers from 1965 to 2016 in Australia, and report that with …


New research shows more is not always better: how spiders apply glue, not how much they use, determines web strength

15 September 2017

Macquarie University study finds how glue is applied to spider silk impacts strength of attachment to an object Study compared web …


Macquarie academics transform student learning

15 September 2017

Three Macquarie University academics have been recognised in the 2017 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, presented by the Australian …


The millions of microbial species we ignore at our peril: we are spreading bacteria around the planet, with potentially dangerous consequences

15 September 2017

Wastewater, tourism, and trade are moving microbes around the globe at an unprecedented scale, a group of international researchers, including …

Macquarie moves up in new employability rankings

14 September 2017

Macquarie University has moved into the 121-130 band and in the tenth position in Australia in the newly released 2018 …


The shark network: exposing the social lives of sharks

6 September 2017

For the first time research shows sharks prefer to associate with other sharks similar to themselves Sharks form long-term relationships …

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