He’s goat your back: goats can identify the calls of their goat friends

15 February 2017

Goats can tell the difference between a call from a familiar goat and a call from an unfamiliar goat The …


Macquarie University Incubator gets started

14 February 2017

The Macquarie University Incubator was officially opened last night during the Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID) Summit. The pop-up Macquarie …


Sexual harassment in the fish world: Male guppies suffer most

14 February 2017

Male guppies pay a high cost for their sexual harassment of female guppies – including much higher mortality rates – …


Zebrafish discovery could hold the key to better-understanding motor neurone disease

13 February 2017

Researchers used refined UV laser ‘ablation’ in living zebrafish to learn how MND progresses from one neurone to the next. …


Macquarie and WildArk partner on a world first research study to identify the top 100 umbrella species

9 February 2017

A new study has been announced by researchers from Macquarie University with the aim of identifying 100 species whose ranges, …


Our insects get a gold star in deception: Largest group of Australia’s insects collaborate to avoid being lunch

8 February 2017

A group of insects that mimic each other in an effective golden sheen to fight predators has been discovered as …

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