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Macquarie moves up in new employability rankings

14 September 2017

Macquarie University has moved into the 121-130 band and in the tenth position in Australia in the newly released 2018 …


The shark network: exposing the social lives of sharks

6 September 2017

For the first time research shows sharks prefer to associate with other sharks similar to themselves Sharks form long-term relationships …


The mystery of leaf size solved

1 September 2017

A global team of researchers have cracked the mystery of leaf size. Their research was published today as a cover …


New method offers alternative way to detect the abuse of human growth hormone, potentially making future anti-doping testing more sensitive

31 August 2017

A study led by researchers from Macquarie University has unveiled another way to detect whether a person has taken human …


Macquarie University takes home a double win at Eureka Awards

31 August 2017

Macquarie University has scored a double with wins in two categories following last night’s 2017 Australian Museum Eureka prize dinner. …

Novel research reveals ‘stiffer’ blood vessels may increase risk of heart attack

31 August 2017

Using cutting-edge computational methods, Macquarie University researchers have found that blood vessel ‘stiffness,’ or distensibility is an important determinant of …

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