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Researchers team up with the Paige Weatherspoon Foundation to develop a faster diagnosis of bacterial meningitis

18 April 2013

Using joint funding from Paige Weatherspoon Foundation and the Macquarie University Office of Commercialisation, a team of researchers have recently …

New $140m home for hearing research partners

17 April 2013

The Government estimates that ten million Australians will suffer some kind of hearing loss by 2050 – almost one quarter of the population. In order to help reduce the impact this will have on our society and its economy, Australia’s leading hearing researchers and service providers are working together to improve outcomes for those affected.

Professor Simon Foote awarded prestigious medal for gene research

20 February 2013

Macquarie University’s Dean of the Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Professor Simon Foote, was awarded the prestigious Julian Wells Medal, …

New research into the effects of perfectionistic parenting and its impact on childhood anxieties

19 February 2013

In a new study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, researchers investigated the impact of perfectionistic rearing behaviors …

Decade long study shows educating parents key to preventing emotional disorders

7 February 2013

In the longest running study of its kind, researchers have evaluated the long-term effects of early intervention on the prevention …

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