Professor Simon Foote awarded prestigious medal for gene research

20 February 2013

Macquarie University’s Dean of the Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Professor Simon Foote, was awarded the prestigious Julian Wells Medal, at the 34th annual Lorne Genome Conference, in Victoria.

The Medal is awarded annually to a scientist who has made an outstanding contribution to understanding the genome and to the development of this field. The award was established in recognition of the major contributions made by Julian Wells to the development of molecular biology in Australia.

Professor Foote is a scientific leader in genetics in Australia and has conducted research in genomics with some key discoveries including, the structure of the human Y chromosome, and leadership in the team that produced the physical map of the human genome.

Professor Foote joins the ranks of the many highly regarded Australian scientists who have won this award.

“It is an honour to be presented with this award and, as a geneticist and genomicist, I am grateful to receive a medal engraved with the image of Julian Wells, a great Australian molecular biologist,” says Professor Foote.

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