Mariella Herberstein



Professor Mariella Herberstein



Deputy Chair

Professor Jacqueline Phillips

Ex-Officio Members

Academic Senate Rules 7(1)(a)-(d) - the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the Pro-Vice Chancellors.

Bruce Dowton


Professor S Bruce Dowton




Professor John Simons

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)



Professor David Wilkinson

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Engagement and Advancement)



Professor Sakkie Pretorius

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)



Deidre Anderson

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Registrar)
N BRIGG - 2016v1   

Nicole Brigg

Pro Vice-Chancellor (International)



Professor Sherman Young

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

Professor Lesley Hughes


Professor Lesley Hughes 

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) Integrity and Development



Professor Peter Nelson 

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) Performance and Innovation 

Academic Senate Rule 7(1)(e) - the Executive Deans of Faculties.



Professor Martina Mollering

Executive Dean of Faculty of Arts

Professor Kevin Jameson

Executive Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics (Acting)

Professor Simon Handley

Executive Dean of Faculty of Human Sciences

Professor Patrick Neil


Professor Patrick McNeil 

Executive Dean of Medicine and Health Sciences

Professor Barbara Messerle


Professor Barbara Messerle 

Executive Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering

Academic Senate Rule 7(1)(f)-(j) - the Dean of Higher Degree Research, the Dean of the MGSM, the Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre, the Head of Department of Indigenous Studies and the University Librarian.



Professor Nick Mansfield

Dean of Higher Degree Research
Professor Norma Harrison  

Professor Norma Harrison

Acting Dean of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Dr Trudy Ambler

Head of Department of Indigenous Studies



JoAnne Sparks

University Librarian

Elected Members

Academic Senate Rule 7(1)(k) - four members from each of the Faculties of Arts, Business and Economics, Human Sciences, and Science and Engineering.

Academic Senate Rule 7(1)(l) - two members from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


Faculty of Arts

De Kate Fullagar


Dr Kate Fullagar 

Department of Modern History

Professor Kathryn Millard


Professor Kathryn Millard 

Department of Media, Music, Communications and Cultural Studies

Professor Peter Radan


Professor Peter Radan 

Macquarie Law School

Faculty of Business and Economics



Dr Wylie Bradford

Department of Economics

Dr Yvonne Breyer


Dr Yvonne Breyer

Director of Learning and Teaching

Professor Lucy Taksa


Professor Lucy Taksa

Associate Dean, Research

Faculty of Human Sciences

Professor Amanda Barnier


Professor Amanda Barnier 

Department of Cognitive Science

Professor Linda Cupples


Professor Linda Cupples 

Department of Linguistics

Professor Mike Jones


Professor Mike Jones 

Associate Dean, International

Dr Kerry-Ann O'Sullivan


Dr Kerry-Ann O'Sullivan 

Department of Educational Studies

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


Professor Enrico Coiera

Centre for Health Informatics
Cath Dean  

Professor Catherine Dean

Department of Health Professions

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Dr Aye Bligin


Associate Professor Ayse Bilgin 

Department of Statistics



Professor David Coutts

Associate Dean, Research

Professor Jim Denier

Department of Mathematics



Professor Simon George

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Academic Senate Rule 7(1)(m) - one member from the MGSM (1 January 2015 - 31 December 2016)


Professor John Croucher

Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Academic Senate Rule 7(1)(n) - one member of the non-Faculty academic staff (1 January 2015 - 31 December 2016)




Academic Senate Rule 7(1)(o) - student members, term of office two years (until 31 May 2018)

Paris Manson_Photo  

Paris Manson

Undergraduate - Faculty of Arts
Samuel Palmer_Photo  

Samuel Palmer

Undergraduate - Faculty of Business and Economics
Cissy Shen_Photo  

Cissy Shen

Undergraduate - Faculty of Human Sciences



Simon Populin

Undergraduate - Faculty of Science and Engineering

Thomas Hedl 


Thomas Hedl

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Soujanya Datta_Photo  

Soujanya Datta

Postgraduate - Coursework
Brayden Jones_Photo  

Brayden Jones

Postgraduate - Coursework
Budhaditya Majumdar_Photo  

Budhaditya Majumdar

Postgraduate - Higher Degree Research (HDR)

Appointed Members

Academic Senate Rule 7(1)(p) - up to four additional members appointed by resolution of Academic Senate



Associate Professor Pamela Coutts

Chair of Academic Standards and Quality Committee

Dr Mitch Parsell

Chair of Academic Senate Learning and Teaching Committee
Judith McKay-Tempest  

Judith McKay-Tempest

Associate Lecturer in Early Childhood Education

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