Thesis Examination Subcommittee

Thesis Examination Subcommittee

Terms of Reference

Approved on 24 May 2016

The Thesis Examination Subcommittee (the Subcommittee) was established by the Academic Senate of Macquarie University (the University) in May 2016 under Rule 9(4)(c) of the Academic Senate Rules 2016, and is directly responsible and accountable to the Research and Research Training Committee of Academic Senate for the exercise of its responsibilities.

This Terms of Reference sets out the objective, role and responsibilities, membership, tenure, and rules of operation of the Subcommittee.

1. Objective

The Thesis Examination Subcommittee is responsible for identifying and promoting best practice in thesis examination processes and adherence to University policies and procedures. It makes decisions regarding the outcome of Higher Degree Research (HDR) theses submitted for examination in accordance with policies of Academic Senate relating to the HDR examination processes.

2. Role and responsibilities

The Subcommittee is to:

  1. Advise the Research and Research Training Committee of Academic Senate on:
    1. policies and procedures governing HDR examinations and their effectiveness; and
    2. the University’s rules regarding the examination of HDR theses;
  2. Consider reports from examiners of HDR theses and the supervisory panel and where appropriate, determine that the requirements for a higher degree research have been met and recommend to the Research and Research Training Committee for approval; and
  3. Make recommendations on the award of the Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for HDR theses to the Research and Research Training Committee for approval.

3. Membership

The composition of this Subcommittee shall be as follows:

  • The Chair of the Subcommittee appointed by Chair of Academic Senate
    • Professor Nick Mansfield
  • The Dean, Higher Degree Research;
    • Professor Nick Mansfield
  • Associate Dean HDR or their nominee for each Faculty and the MGSM; and
    • Dr Andrew Alter - Faculty of Arts
    • Professor Lorne Cummings - Faculty of Business and Economics
    • Associate Professor Judi Homewood - Faculty of Human Sciences
    • Professor Roger Chung - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
    • Associate Professor Tracy Rushmer - Faculty of Science and Engineering
    • Professor Masud Behnia - MGSM
  • A member nominated by the Faculty Board of each Faculty and the Academic Board of the MGSM who is an active HDR supervisor.
    • Dr Noah Bassil - Faculty of Arts
    • Associate Professor Ross Gordon - Faculty of Business and Economics
    • Professor Jan-Louis Kruger - Faculty of Human Sciences
    • Dr Verity Pacey - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
    • Associate Professor Grant Hose - Faculty of Science and Engineering
    • Dr Vito Mollica - MGSM

4. Tenure

  1. The term of appointment to the Thesis Examination Subcommittee of all Associate Deans and the Dean HDR shall be for their term in that appointment;
  2. The term for any other appointed members shall be two (2) years; and
  3. The Chair of Academic Senate may renew any such term of appointment, in consultation with the Academic Senate Standing Committee.

5. Rules of operation

The Subcommittee shall conduct its business subject to the general provisions of the Standing Orders for Committees of Academic Senate.


  • Professor Nick Mansfield (Chair)
  • Dr Andrew Alter
  • Dr Noah Bassil
  • Professor Masud Behnia
  • Professor Roger Chung
  • Professor Lorne Cummings
  • Associate Professor Ross Gordon
  • Associate Professor Judi Homewood
  • Associate Professor Grant Hose
  • Professor Jan-Louis Kruger
  • Dr Vito Mollica
  • Dr Verity Pacey
  • Associate Professor Tracy Rushmer
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