Reviewing University Medal nominations

The Committee makes recommendations to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) on the awarding of University Medals.

In 2016, Academic Senate established a working group to examine the scope of all University academic awards and prizes, the relationship between the Vice-Chancellor’s Commendations and University Medal, and the process by which they are awarded.

The working group recommended amendments to the University Medal Policy and Procedure and to the terms of reference of the University Medal Committee, which were approved by Academic Senate at its meetings of 26 July and 13 September 2016.


(As at 10 March 2021)

  • Professor Jacqueline Phillips (Chair)
  • Dr Lindsey Brett
  • Dr Toby Davidson
  • Associate Professor Tanya Evans
  • Dr Devika Kamath
  • Professor Leonie Tickle
  • Associate Professor Michael Volkov

Approved by Academic Senate 13 September 2016

The Academic Senate University Medal Committee was established by the Academic Senate of Macquarie University and is directly responsible and accountable to Academic Senate for the exercise of its responsibilities.

This Terms of Reference sets out the objective, role and responsibilities, membership, and tenure of the Committee.

1. Objective

The Committee is to make recommendations to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) on the award of the University Medal in accordance with the University Medal Policy and Procedure.

2. Role and responsibilities

The Committee is to:

  1. Consider and review all nominations received from Faculty Boards in accordance with the eligibility and selection criteria outlined in the University Medal Policy;
  2. Recommend to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) on the award of University Medals in respect of the nominated candidates;
  3. Provide a summary report of outcomes to Faculty Boards inclusive of feedback regarding unsuccessful nominees;
  4. Review the University’s policies, procedures and guidelines governing the award of the University Medal and recommend any necessary amendments to Academic Senate for approval;
  5. Report bi-annually to Academic Senate on the award of University Medal for that round comparative to previous years, with comment on equity and diversity issues where appropriate; and
  6. Consider and report on any matters referred to it by Academic Senate, from time to time, as required.
3. Membership

The membership of the Committee comprises:

  • The Chair of the Committee, appointed by the Chair of Academic Senate;
    • Professor Jacqueline Phillips
  • The Chair or Deputy Chair of Academic Senate;
    • Professor Jacqueline Phillips
  • One (1) member nominated by the Faculty Board of each Faculty
    • Dr Toby Davidson — Faculty of Arts
    • Associate Professor Michael Volkov — Macquarie Business School
    • Dr Lindsey Brett — Faculty of Medicine, Health & Human Sciences
    • Dr Devika Kamath — Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Two (2) elected members of Academic Senate.
    • Associate Professor Tanya Evans
    • Professor Leonie Tickle
4. Tenure

The term of appointment of all members shall be two (2) years, unless otherwise stated by the Chair of Academic Senate. The Chair of Academic Senate may renew any such term of appointment, in consultation with the Academic Senate Standing Committee.

5. Authorisations

The Academic Senate shall, from time to time, resolve to grant the Committee specific authorisations to discharge its delegated responsibilities. The Committee may request the granting of such authorisations as it sees fit. All such authorisations shall be documented here.

6. Rules of operation

The Committee shall conduct its business subject to the Standing Orders for Committees of Academic Senate.

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