MGSM Academic Board

MGSM Academic Board

Terms of Reference

The Macquarie Graduate School of Management Academic Board (the MGSM Academic Board) is a Committee of the Academic Senate of Macquarie University (the University). The MGSM Academic Board was established on 4 August 2015 under Rule 9(4)(c) of the Academic Senate Rules 2015, and is directly accountable to the Academic Senate for the exercise of its responsibilities.

These Terms of Reference outline the MGSM Academic Board's purpose, roles and responsibilities, composition, membership and tenure, delegations of authority and standing orders.

1. Purpose

The MGSM Academic Board is to ensure the integrity and quality of academic programs and processes administered by the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM).

2. Role and responsibilities

The MGSM Academic Board is to:

  1. Advise Academic Senate, its committees and the MGSM Dean on:
    • academic matters relating to the MGSM's teaching programs, research training programs and research activities;
    • the schedule of academic programs and units offered by the MGSM;
    • academic standards and quality, and teaching effectiveness in programs delivered by the MGSM;
    • academic priorities of the MGSM; and
    • any other issue referred to the MSGM by the Academic Senate or the Dean of MGSM.
  2. Develop proposals to introduce or disestablish courses and programs of study to be delivered by the MGSM, and recommend  such proposals to the Academic Standards and Quality Committee for consideration;
  3. Develop proposals to amend courses and programs of study to be delivered by the MGSM, including plans to modify structure, content, method of delivery, naming, admission or completion requirements, and recommend  such proposals to the Academic Standards and Quality Committee for consideration;
  4. Monitor and ensure that the MGSM's programs and processes comply with the University's policies pertaining to learning and teaching, and academic standards and quality;
  5. Monitor, provide advice, and make recommendations to Academic Senate on the implementation  and effectiveness of academic aspects of research and research training policy as they apply to the MGSM;
  6. Identify and report to the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee any need for the development  or refinement of the University's policies that govern the MGSM's academic activities, and contribute to the development of such policies;
  7. Establish and implement a regular cycle of reviews of the MGSM's programs and units of study and respond to recommendations arising from such reviews;
  8. Oversee the conduct of reaccreditation reviews of the MGSM's courses and programs of study as instructed by the Academic Standards and Quality Committee, and advise that Committee on recommendations arising from such reviews;
  9. Contribute to the development and maintenance of the University's academic risk register that relate to academic activities of the MGSM; and
  10. Consider and report on any matters referred to the MGSM Academic Board by Academic Senate as required.

3. Composition and Membership

The composition of the MGSM Academic Board shall be as follows:

  1. *The Chair appointed by the Chair of Academic Senate
  2. *The Deputy Chair appointed by the Chair of Academic Senate
  3. Dean of the MGSM (Ex-Officio)
  4. Vice-Dean of the MGSM (Ex-Officio)
  5. MGSM Representative on Academic Senate (Ex-Officio)
  6. Up to six (6) additional academic staff members drawn from within the MGSM, of which one may be (but is not required to be) an adjunct lecturer.**
  7. Up to two (2) co-opted professional staff members appointed on the basis of their skills, experience and knowledge, nominated by the MGSM Academic Board, and
  8. One (1) student currently enrolled in an MGSM program.

*The Chair and Deputy Chair are to be appointed from among the academic membership specified in (4) – (6) above.

**Elected academics must have at least a 0.5 appointment.

4. Tenure

  1. The term of office of all appointed members, excluding the student representative, shall be two (2) years.
  2. The term of appointment of student representatives shall be one (1) year.
  3. Elected members can serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms, but may serve again after sitting out one (1) term.

5.  Delegations of Authority

The Academic Senate shall resolve to grant the MGSM Academic Board specific authority to discharge its delegated responsibilities. The MGSM Academic Board may request the granting of such authority as it sees fit. All such authorisations shall be documented below:

  1. Approve the MGSM's unit offerings, including the approval of new units and the amendment, renewal or disestablishment of existing units;
  2. Ratify examination results for the MGSM's units in accordance with the relevant academic rules and quality assurance frameworks prescribed by Academic Senate.

6. Standing Orders

The MGSM Academic Board shall conduct its business subject to the general provisions Standing Orders for Committees of Academic Senate.

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