Academic Senate Standing committee

Academic Senate Standing committee

The Standing Committee identifies strategic priorities for Academic Senate, reviews the annual schedule of Senate and a Senate Committees and assists Academic Senate in the discharge of its responsibilities.

Charter and Terms of Reference

The Academic Senate Standing Committee was established by the Academic Senate of Macquarie University in February 2015 under Rule 9(4)(c) of the Academic Senate Rules 2015, and is directly responsible and accountable to Academic Senate for the exercise of its responsibilities.

This Charter and Terms of Reference set out the objective, role and responsibilities, membership, and tenure of the Committee.

1. Objective 

The Committee is to assist the Chair of Senate to plan, prioritise and manage the business of Senate and Senate sub-committees. The activities of the Committee will streamline the business of Senate and foster increased communication and alignment of priorities to ensure that Senate is focussed on academic strategy and policy of the University.

2. Role and responsibilities

The Committee has the following specific responsibilities:

  • Assist the Chair of Senate to plan, prioritise and manage the business of Senate;
  • Develop a schedule of work for Senate for presentation at the first Senate meeting of each year;
  • Ensure that Senate Committees identify key issues in their portfolios and brief Senate on these matters in a timely manner;
  • Monitor the activities of Senate Committees and ensure they are discharging their responsibilities appropriately;
  • Approve the adoption of Policy, Procedures, Guidelines on behalf of Senate and in accordance with instructions provided by Senate;
  • Approve routine governance matters as they arise between formal Senate meetings and report to Senate on action taken;
  • Consider and determine any matters referred to it by Senate, or by the Chair of Academic Senate, or, where urgency is required, by other Senate Committees;
  • Provide a continuing forum for advice to the Chair of Academic Senate and assist with determining the strategic direction and renewal of Senate.

3. Membership

Membership of the Committee shall comprise appointed members and ex-officio members.

        1. Appointed Members:

  • Two (2) elected members of Academic Senate who shall be appointed by the Chair of Academic Senate;
  • Chair of Senate Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Chair of Academic Standards and Quality Committee
  • Chair of the Senate Research Committee/Higher Degree Research Committee
  • Chair of the Quality Enhancement Committee

        2.  Ex-Officio Members: 

  • Chair of Academic Senate
  • Deputy Chair of Academic Senate
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic),  
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Registrar), and
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

        3.  The Committee may also co-opt additional members as required.

4. Tenure 

  1. The term of appointment of all appointed members shall be two (2) years.
  2. The Chair of Academic Senate may renew any such term of appointment.

5. Rules of operation 

  1. The Committee shall conduct its business subject to the Standing Orders for Committees of Academic Senate.


Ex-Officio Members: 

  • Professor Mariella Herberstein (Chair) 
  • Deidre Anderson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Registrar) 
  • Associate Professor Pamela Coutts, Chair of Academic Standards and Quality Committee 
  • Professor Sakkie Pretorius, Deputy-Vice Chancellor (Research) 
  • Professor Kevin Jameson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 
  • Professor Sherman Young, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

Professional Staff Members: 

  • Kerri Mackenzie
  • Zoe Williams
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