Harnessing diamonds to improve laser beams
Harnessing diamonds to improve laser beams

In the media

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A snapshot from recent reports

Aaron McKay from the Department of Physics and Astronomy was referenced in an ABC Online piece which reports his team’s harnessing of diamonds to improve the quality of laser beams.

Professor Mark Taylor from the Department of Environment and Geography was referenced in G Magazine, in a piece about soil contaminants in garden beds and veggie patches. His VegeSafe program, which offers rapid soil metal testing, continues to attract media interest. Professor Taylor has also co-authored two pieces in The ConversationAustralia’s dirty secret: who’s breathing toxic air?“, and “Reducing the harms of toxic air in mining and smelting communities”.

Associate Professor Amanda Barnier, Professor John Sutton and Misia Temler from the Department of Cognitive Science and ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) contributed to The Conversation “Total recall: truth, memory and the trial of Oscar Pistorius”. This piece generated further media including an interview for A/Prof Barnier on SKY Reporting live with Stan Grant about the Oscar Pistorious trial, and his ability to accurately recall events. Coverage also appeared in Newstalk ZB, and ABC Ballarat.

Harvey Broadbent from Modern History’s Gallipoli Centenary Research Project spoke with several media outlets ahead of ANZAC day. Coverage included a Northern District Times piece about his research into the Gallipoli story from the perspective of previously unexamined Turkish military documents, and his public lecture on the same topic was broadcast live by A-PAC TV.