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Equity Scholarships Appeal

 Recipient of a Macquarie Housing Scholarship - Lachlan McDaniel
“If it wasn’t for the scholarship, I would not have been able to study at Macquarie. Scholarships help level the playing field and allow people from diverse backgrounds to contribute to the Macquarie community”.
Lachlan McDaniel
Recipient of a Macquarie Housing Scholarship

Today, accessing higher education remains a huge challenge for thousands of people. People from regional and remote areas, those from low socio-economic backgrounds, Indigenous peoples and refugees remain under-represented in our universities. Did you know that people from affluent backgrounds are three times more likely to attend university than people from low socio-economic backgrounds? By increasing the number of scholarships, we can provide opportunities for talented people who would otherwise miss out.

Macquarie University is a great place to learn, but some students need additional support to even consider enrolling, and others, once enrolled, to get the most from their university experience.

With your support, we can create access to a university education for deserving, talented individuals who might otherwise miss out through circumstances that are no fault of their own. And everyone benefits. The students - who gain a tertiary qualification that will change their lives. The Macquarie University community - through the satisfaction from giving back. And the whole nation - through increasing our university educated population.

Help to change lives. You can do this today with a gift of any amount.