Getting started

Getting started

Congratulations on becoming a Macquarie student!

We know getting started can be an exciting time but there's lots to do to make sure you're all set-up for classes to begin.

We've got some information to help step you through the most important things, but don't forget you can search AskMQ for the answer or email us at for help.

1. Enrol

  • By now, you should have accepted your offer and enrolled in subjects (or units) but don't forget, you need to register for classes too so you have your timetable.
  • Not sure what to do? Check out the program guides for suggestions on what you can study in your first year, or come along to your faculty welcome as part of O Week to get advice and help.
  1. Get to know the university's important academic dates and fees and costs.
  2. Watch these great tutorial videos on how to use eStudent, your student administration system.
  3. Ask for help - enrolment support is available on campus Monday to Friday, from 8.30am - 5.30pm, or use live chat and speak to our staff members (keep an eye out for chat icon at the bottom of your screen).

2. Your student ID

  • Once you've enrolled, you need to organise your Macquarie student photo ID or campus card.
  • You also need to complete your first time log-in - this will activate your OneID (or student ID number) after you've enrolled so you can access your student email (powered by Gmail) and online learning systems (iLearn).
  1. Beat the queues with CaptureMe and upload your own photo for your campus card. You'll be notified once its ready to collect from Student Connect.
  2. Grab a pen and paper for the first time log-in process - your student email username will be displayed as part of Step 3, so be sure to write it down!
  3. Explore iLearn and search for your subjects or units so you can get a headstart on what's planned for your classes. There will also be some great community and student support units that you might already have access to, or can join (self-enrol) so you can start preparing for your studies.

3. Orientation

  • Orientation is an important part of getting off to a great start at Macquarie. To make things easy, we've organised a week long program of events and activities to help you explore what your life at Macquarie will be like.
  • Macquarie University Mentors are like your tour guides in your first session. You can select your mentor once you've enrolled, and you'll get to meet them (along with your peer group) at your faulty welcome during O Week.
  • Not sure what you should come to? These student tips for O Week should help, or just email us at for advice.
  1. Check out the O Week program and register for all the activities you're interested in.
  2. Select your mentor now so you can connect with a friendly face before you come on campus.
  3. Keep an eye on your student email - you'll be receiving information about O Week soon!

4. Connect

  • You'll meet lots of people at O Week but there's so many ways to connect via social media before you even come to campus! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.
  • Student groups and clubs are a great to make friends and meet like-minded people. Explore and join your favourite clubs now via MacSync and download the app before you get to campus.
  • Want to stay informed about what's happening at Macquarie? Check out MyMQ, your student newsletter which you'll start receiving via email when classes begin.
  1. Official communication with Macquarie will be through your student email, but important messages will usually be posted on social media too.
  2. Social media might be used by students, staff and alumni so be mindful of your personal brand and remember the student code of conduct applies to online interactions too.
  3. If you missed out on O Week and didn't get the chance to meet people, don't panic! MyMQ will list all the upcoming events for the week, and you can still select a Macquarie University Mentor to help you make some friends.
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