General choice

General choice

If you prefer flexible options for your study, you can choose from most units offered at Macquarie for a well-rounded experience.

Design your own study plan

As a Study Abroad student, you can select three or four units (subjects) from our many available study areas, as listed in the online handbook. If you are currently completing a Bachelor degree at your home university, choose from our undergraduate units. If you’re currently studying or about to start a Master’s degree, choose from our postgraduate units.

Keep in mind that several courses have prerequisites to ensure you're ready for study in that area. Check the prerequisites in the handbook and make sure your course isn't listed as a restricted unit for Study Abroad students.

Out of the classroom

Many of our units include a significant practical or hands-on component, so your learning isn't restricted to the classroom or even our campus. Examples of courses that get you out of the classroom include:


UnitNature of practical element
ENVE341 - Advanced Environmental Earth ScienceFieldwork component
ENVE266 - Earth Surface ProcessFieldwork component
ENVE340 - Environmental ChangeFieldwork component
GSE844 - Environmental Management PracticeWork experience; consultancy with a real client, students work in small teams
GSE807 - Environmental Measurement and AnalysisField trip; 1 week in midterm break, usually to Jervis Bay
ENVE338 - Environmental Quality and AssessmentFieldwork component
ENVE270 - Environmental Science FieldworkFieldwork component
ENVE339 - Fluvial Geomorphology and River ManagementFieldwork component

Health and medical sciences

UnitNature of practical element
PSY399 - Psychological Science: Putting Theory into PracticePlacement; 32 hours

Media, creative arts and communication

UnitNature of practical element
DANC350 - Creative ProcessField trip; project-based
ICOZ202 - International Communication Campaigns PACE StreamWork experience; working with industry partners on a PR campaign
MAS390 - Public Relations PracticeWork experience; working with industry partners in PR


UnitNature of practical element
CBMS308 - Chemical Analysis IIPlacement; 2 days
BIOL227 - EcologyFieldtrip; 4 day field trip to Smiths Lake in September
CBMS235 - Engaging the Community in ScienceCommunity egagement. Please note - subject to a quota
BIOL362 - Freshwater EcologyFieldtrip; 4 day field trip to Kangaroo Valley
BIOL392 - GreenstepsPlacement; Biology related activities (PACE)
BIOL379 - Reef Evolution and DynamicsFieldtrip; 8 day field trip to Heron Island

Society, history and language

UnitNature of practical element
AHIS346 - Archaeology and Society: Archaeological EvidencePractical exercises; analysis of artefacts in the University's Museum of Ancient Cultures
AHIS347 - Archaeological Field WorkFieldwork; Egypt, Mediterranean or Ancient Israel (i.e. travel involved)
SOC350 - Activism and Social ChangePractical component
SOC301 - Internships in Social ResearchInternship; 2days/week throughout semester
SOC849 - Professional Internships in Social ResearchInternship; 3 weeks
SOC352 - Social Change PlacementPlacement; spanning entire semester

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