Study abroad

Study abroad

The experience of a lifetime awaits you.

Pack your bags for a semester like no other at Macquarie University, where you can customise your program to choose the courses that most interest you.

Flexibility abounds

Macquarie offers a diverse and flexible Study Abroad program with a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in many different subject areas. Many of our units include a significant practical or hands-on component, so your learning isn't restricted to the classroom or even our campus. Choose the option that works for you:

  • General Choice

    General choice

    You can choose from most units offered at Macquarie for a well-rounded and flexible experience.

  • Study Abroad Certificates

    Gap year

    If you want to explore your options before you commit to a long-term degree, you can still choose to study abroad for one semester or a full year.

  • Make it happen

    Make it happen

    Ready to join us at Macquarie? We look forward to welcoming you.

Global Leadership Program

With Macquarie's Global Leadership Program (GLP) you'll not only gain global skills and understanding, but also put them into practice by studying, volunteering and participating in activities within Sydney and around Australia - all while studying your chosen program.

Get an international edge

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