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We are excited about the announcement made by the Australian Prime Minister on the 22nd of November 2021 that fully vaccinated international students will be able to travel to Australia from the 1st of December 2021 without the need to apply for a travel exemption or undergo hotel quarantine.

Macquarie University has taken the decision not to reopen the Study Abroad and Exchange program face-to-face for Session 1 2022 (February - June 2022) as there are still too many uncertainties and a very short turnaround time! However, we are receiving applications for Session 2, 2022 and look forward to hosting you on campus then!

Please refer to the following websites for the Australian Government’s official travel advice and guidance:

Experience the excitement of studying in Sydney while receiving credit at your home university.

Macquarie University has over 150 exchange partner universities worldwide. We offer stimulating subjects that will add a unique global edge to your academic transcript, and a beautiful campus environment that brings together students from around the world in one global community.


How to apply

If you're a student at one of our exchange partner universities, you can follow these steps to apply to Macquarie as an exchange student.

For more information regarding our Exchange program, please visit our Exchange Guide and 2022 Fact Sheet.


  • Talk to your exchange advisor at your home university to confirm that you're eligible to participate in our exchange program.
  • You must have a WAM of 60 % to apply for the exchange program at Macquarie.
  • You must have a WAM of 65 % to apply for the exchange (Law units) program.
  • Review our Handbook to see if they suit your study plan.


  • Your home university nominates you for exchange at Macquarie University and will need to supply a copy of your official transcript and evidence of your English language proficiency (if applicable).
  • Your home university will receive the application link, which they will then pass on to you.
  • You will need to complete the online application and upload a copy of your passport before the application deadline.
  • We will not process applications for students who have not been nominated by their home universities.

Keep in mind that several courses have prerequisites to ensure you're ready for study in that area. Check the prerequisites in the handbook and make sure your course isn't listed as a restricted unit for Exchange students.


  • Your application will be assessed against our eligibility criteria on a rolling basis.
  • Admission to exchange program will be approved according to the eligibility criteria, which is confirmed with the official documents provided.
  • If your application is successful, we'll email you an Offer Letter.
  • Offer Letters will be sent out in an assumption that you will be studying units from the pre-approval unit list.  Instructions to apply for units with pre-requisites will be attached to the offer letter. Follow the instructions to submit units approval with the Special Waiver Request Manual.


  • Your Offer Letter will include instructions on how to accept your offer. Before you accept, you or your home institution will need to arrange payment of your compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) fees to cover any medical costs while you're studying in Australia. OSHC is a mandatory requirement by the Department of Home Affairs to apply for your student visa.
  • As the host university, Macquarie University will not charge tuition fees for exchange students. You will pay your usual tuition at your home institution.


  • You need to study 3-4 units (subjects) per session at Macquarie that are appropriate to your degree, unit information can be found in our Handbook and Unit Guide.

    The Handbook lists undergraduate and postgraduate units by study area. It specifies the number of credit points each unit is worth, which session(s) they are available, and whether they are taught in Internal (on-campus, face-to-face) or External (online) mode.

    The Unit Guide gives you detailed information about each unit, including learning outcomes and assessment tasks

  • Be aware of the following when selecting your units: Australian student visa rules require you to enrol (and remain enrolled) in a full-time study load. This is 3-4 units (30 - 40 credit points) per semester.
  • 75% of your credit points must be taught in Internal (face to face) mode.
  • Check that the unit is offered in your intended session (semester) at Macquarie (session 1 or 2), as some units are not available in both sessions.
  • Check that the unit is not restricted (i.e. not available to exchange students). This includes all units taught at Macquarie City Campus.
  • Be aware that your home university may have specific requirements about the number of units you need to study.
  • You can select and study units from any of our faculties. While selecting the units, you must consider the following:
  • Units are available in the enrolled semester (Session 1 = February to July or Session 2 = July to December).

    Suitable to the students' level of study (UG = Undergraduate and PG = Postgraduate).

    Undergraduate level = 1000 level (1st year)

    Undergraduate level = 2000 level (2nd year)

    Undergraduate level = 3000 level (3rd year)

    Postgraduate level = 8000 and 9000 level

    You have met the academic prerequisites or equivalent at your University

    Note: If you are enrolled as a postgraduate student, you won't be allowed to take any undergraduate units.

  • Confirm with your academic adviser and/or exchange officer that the credit points from your planned study program at Macquarie can be transferred back to your home university.
  • You will receive information about online enrolment approximately 6-8 weeks before the session starts.
  • Keep in mind that several courses have prerequisites to ensure you're ready for study in that area. Check the prerequisites in the handbook and make sure your course isn't listed as a restricted unit for Exchange students.


  • Once we've received your offer acceptance, we'll issue you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). Use this document to apply for your student visa via the Department of Home Affairs.


  • We recommend you apply for accommodation at least six weeks before your study start date at Macquarie to ensure your room.  Accommodation will be subject to availability. Private rooms tend to fill up first, so get in early if you want to ensure you're living alone.


  • Exchange students are required to attend the Orientation - O-Week session before classes commence. Check out some of the international orientation social activities that will be available to you as part of your orientation. They're a great opportunity to meet new and existing Macquarie students before you start classes. Activities include day trips to Sydney's most well-known sights, as well as an orientation campus tours. Keep these dates in mind when booking your flights.

Exchange Nomination deadlines

  • Start Session 1 (February - June): 15th November each year
  • Start Session 2 (July - December): 15th April each year

Exchange application deadlines

  • Start Session 1 (February - June): 30th November each year
  • Start Session 2 (July - December): 30th April each year

2021 Academic Dates and Important Information

Making the decision to travel to the other side of the world to study a session or a year takes a lot of courage and commitment, so the Study Abroad and Exchange team here at Macquarie University congratulates you on making that decision. Ahead of you are opportunities, experiences and challenges that may change the way you see life, the world and your place in it. Please visit our Pre-Arrival Information for Incoming Exchange and Study Abroad Students and our 2022 fact sheet.

Credit Points and Grading System

For more information regarding our Credit Points, grading system and unit levels, please visit our Credit Points and Grading System.

Global Leadership Program - GLP

The Global Leadership Certificate (GLC) provides an opportunity for you to enrich your international experience while embarking on a study abroad or student exchange (SAEX) program at Macquarie and it's free!

Get an international edge

Access to Academic Transcripts - My eQuals

Macquarie University will be providing you with electronic transcripts (e-transcripts) that you will need to share with your home institution. Please note that these will not be directly issued as a PDF to you. Instead, your transcripts will be hosted on My Equals.

Please use the My eQuals Guide to access your transcripts.

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