Pre Award FAQs

Pre Award FAQs

The following FAQs provide responses to common queries received by the Pre Award team in Research Services

Where can I find information on research grant opportunities?

Refer to the fellowship and grant opportunities webpage. Here you will find information on ARC grants, NHMRC grants, internal MQ funding, other external funding and the Research Professional Database from which you can source opportunities through keyword searches and also set up personalised research funding email alerts.

What is the Research Services deadline for compliance checking?

For grants and other formalised application process (e.g. tender):
Two weeks prior to the funding bodies closing date. Email your application to

For research partnership, non-grant applications:
For proposals that were drafted with the full involvement of your Research Partnerships Manager (RPM), and have the funding partner's input, you will be advised of the timeline and requirements for submission to your RPM prior to external submission. For contact details of Research Partnership Managers see here.

When do I need to submit through the Pure Research Management System?

For grants:
The Pure Research Management System is used to ensure that your application is approved by your Head of Department and Dean prior to submission. Allow time for both to do this.

For research partnership, non-grant applications:
When approval is sought for a formalised proposal to a partner for a funding decision. These proposals will have been exchanged in draft and have the funding partner's approval in writing.

Why do I need to submit into the Pure Research Management System?

The Pure Research Management System is an essential part of submitting any proposal for grant-funded or partner-funded research because it:

  1. Allows Research Services to create a record for your proposal to track its progress and, if the proposal is funded, help you to accept the offer and manage your project throughout its lifetime.
  2. Enables your Head of Department, Faculty Research Manager, and Executive Dean to formally approve the project, particularly your commitment of time (and that of other Macquarie researchers or professional staff) and consider other resource implications. While the Pure Research Management System formalises this process, it should not discourage offline discussions about your proposal with the relevant people in your Faculty.
  3. Deals with the investigator certifications required by funding bodies at the pre-award (application) stage.
  4. Collects essential information about your application (e.g. FoR codes, ABS categories) that is required for Macquarie's reporting to Government in processes such as ERA, ABS, etc.

Where can I find MQ salary rates?

MQ salary rates can be found under 'Online Resources', then 'General Resources' on the training and support webpage. These rates include salary on-costs.

Do I need to add the MQ Infrastructure Charge to my budget?

Refer to the University Research Indirect (Overheads) Costs Policy or email the Research Services Proposals Team via or a Research Partnerships Manager via for advice.

Who will submit my funding application?

For grants:
Research Services is responsible for submitting grant applications on behalf of Macquarie. If an online submission which requires applicant submission and sign off (e.g. Smartygrants) you will submit your grant application after you have received compliance feedback from the Proposals Team.

For research partnership, non-grant applications:
You will be given the green light to submit your partner-funded project proposal once the appropriate University approvals are in place. If a funder requires submission by an authorised University officer, Research Services will so do on your behalf.

I am not sure who to contact in the Pre Award team. Can you explain the roles of the team members?

There are three main services provided by the Pre Award team:

  1. Research Partnerships Managers:  Identify, develop and manage relationships with private sector, government and philanthropic organisations and industry groups and identify and facilitate research funding opportunities
  2. Proposals Group:   Provide advice and support to ensure compliance with funding rules and are responsible for proposal submissions
  3. Research Development Managers:  Work closely with researchers to develop highly competitive track records and applications.

If you are unsure, ask any of us and we'll be sure to refer to to the most appropriate team member.

Who can assist me with a proposal to an external organisation that is not a grant scheme (i.e., Categories 2 and 3 research funding)?

Three Research Partnerships Managers in the Research Services Pre Award team who aligned with the University's Research Priorities and Faculties are available to provide advice and support for identifying and developing collaborations and related proposals for non-grant funding.  This advice and support includes the partnership aspects of grant schemes such as ARC Linkage Projects.

Contact a Research Partnerships Manager

Can I access previously successful grants?

Yes. The Successful Grants Library in Research Services, is available to view electronically and in hard-copy format. The library contains grant applications that were successfully funded. Applications included in the Successful Grants Library have been contributed by researchers to provide examples of successful grants for the use of Macquarie University applicants in developing their own grant applications. General notes may be taken to assist in the framing, formatting and layout of proposals. You must not copy or share any content. By accessing the library, you agree to not copy or share the contents of the library in any way. We hope you find this resource useful in developing your grant applications.

Who can I go to for strategic advice on my external grant application?

Research Development Managers are available in Research Services to work closely with researchers to provide strategic advice on the development of high-quality research proposals

Research Development Manager - Dr Ross Hill,, Phone 02 9850 4737
Research Development Manager - Ms Courtney Bendall,, Phone 02 9850 4745

Each Faculty also has a Faculty Research Office/Manager who can assist you in completing your grant application:

Faculty of Arts:
Faculty of Business and Economics:
Faculty of Human Sciences:
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences:
Faculty of Science and Engineering:

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