NHMRC Career Development Fellowships

NHMRC Career Development Fellowships

AimCareer Development Fellowships (CDF) provide support for the most outstanding early- to mid-career health and medical researchers to undertake research that is of major importance in its field and of significant benefit to Australian health and medical research. Outstanding researchers are those who have a sustained track record of significant output as demonstrated in peer reviewed literature, and a strong commitment to quality research outputs as judged relative to opportunity.        

The CDF scheme only recognises the most outstanding early- to mid-career researchers in each category, rather than supporting early- to mid-career researchers in general.

The scheme enables investigators to establish themselves as independent, self-directed researchers; to expand capacity for biomedical, clinical, public health and health service delivery research, and for evidence-based policy development in Australian health systems; and to encourage the translation of research outcomes into practice.

The scheme aims to help build Australia's capacity for research in all fields of health and medical research, but particularly clinical, public health, health service research, and bioinformatics fields. It also seeks to increase knowledge and support the development of evidence based health policies and to encourage the translation of research outcomes into practice.


For Fellowships beginning in 2019, the annual payment for the first year is:

* $109,259 at CDF Level 1 (generally for researchers with 2–7 years of postdoctoral experience) or
* $120,851 at CDF Level 2 (generally for researchers with 7-12 years of postdoctoral experience).

As these levels are well below the actual salary costs (including on-costs), Faculties and Departments must meet the salary gap between the award and the Macquarie salary scale.

Clinical, Population Health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fellowships are available for full-time or part-time research. Part-time researchers may spend between 0.4 FTE and 0.9 FTE of their time on clinical or other related professional work with the balance on research.

Note that Professors are not eligible to apply for a CDF and Associate Professors can only apply at CDF Level 2. Multiple applications at a particular CDF Level are not accepted.

Faculty Processes

Guide for NHMRC Applicants on Macquarie Approvals Process Through PURE

The Faculties have their own approval and review processes for grants under this scheme. They may also have deadlines for submission of draft applications that are earlier than Research Services deadlines. Please ensure that you contact your Faculty, as early as possible, for information on process and deadlines. Faculty contacts:

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Business and Economics
Ph 9850 8485 (x8485), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Agnieszka Baginska

Faculty of Human Sciences
Ph 9850 9607 (x9607), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Jo Tuck

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Ph 9850 2788 (x2788), Faculty Research Manager, Dr Kyle Ratinac

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Ph 9850 8912 (x8912), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Irina Zakoshanski

Key DatesNHMRC opening date in RGMS: Wednesday 17 January 2018
Faculty deadline: Wednesday 7 February 2018
NHMRC minimum data deadline: n/a
Research Services Compliance Check deadline: Wednesday 21 February 2018
NHMRC closing date: Wednesday 7 March 2018
Outcomes expected: TBA

Note: NHMRC locates all their Scheme documentation in GrantConnect. You will be required to set-up a username and password to access.

NHMRC Information

Funding Rules
Instructions to Applicants
Research Grants Management System (RGMS)
Grant Proposal Template
CDF Sample Career Disruption Template
RGMS Offline Forms
Peer-Review Guidelines

MQ Resources
Pure Research Management System
MQ Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research*
Application Checklist

2018 Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) Scheme
Request an MQRES allocation

Career Development Fellowship Workshop Presentation Slides - September 2016
Career Development Fellowship Changes Workshop Presentation Slides - January 2017


Information and Compliance
Research Proposals Team
Research Services
Ph: +61 2 9850 4193

Strategic Advice
Ms Courtney Bendall
Research Development Manager
Research Services
Ph: +61 2 9850 4745

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