ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs


The Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme engages Australia's best researchers in issues facing the new industrial economies and training the future workforce. The scheme supports collaborative research activity, between the Australian higher education sector and industry, designed to focus on strategic outcomes that are not independently realisable.

The Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme will provide funding to Eligible Organisations to engage in cutting edge research on new technologies and economic and social transformation and support the development of research in the Industrial Transformation Priorities.

The Industrial Transformation Priorities are priority research areas identified by the ARC which will be updated from round to round. In the priorities are:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Food and Agribusiness
  • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Resources
  • Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals

The scheme's objectives are to:

  • encourage collaborative R&D projects between universities and organisations outside the Australian higher education sector that will solve challenging industry issues relevant to the Industrial Transformation Priorities
  • drive growth, productivity and competitiveness within key growth sectors
  • leverage national and international investment in targeted industry sectors, including from industry and other research end-users

Total funding provided by the ARC under the Industrial Transformation Research Hubs is a minimum of $500,000 per year to a maximum of $1 million per year for three to five years.

Budget items that directly support the research Project may be funded, including expenditure on essential fieldwork; expert services of a third party; maintenance; personnel; and essential travel costs.

Partner Organisations must make combined cash and in-kind contribution to the Project that at least matches the total funding requested from the ARC. At least 75% must be in cash, depending on the number of employees (see section B5.2.3 of the Funding Rules).

Faculty Processes

The Faculties have their own approval and review processes for grants under this scheme. They may also have deadlines for submission of draft applications that are earlier than the Research Services deadlines. Please ensure that you contact your Faculty, as early as possible, for information on process and deadlines. Faculty contacts:

Faculty of Arts
Ph 9850 4496 (x4496), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Jan Zwar

Faculty of Business and Economics
Ph 9850 8485 (x8485), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Agnieszka Baginska

Faculty of Human Sciences
Ph 9850 9607 (x9607), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Jo Tuck

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Ph 9850 2788 (x2788), Faculty Research Manager, Dr Kyle Ratinac

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Ph 9850 8912 (x8912), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Irina Zakoshanski

Key Dates

For funding commencing in 2018:

These are indicative dates from the ARC and are subject to change

Release of Funding Rules: Friday 1 September 2017
Proposals open: Tuesday 3 October 2017
Faculty deadline: Wednesday 1 November 2017
Request Not to Assess due at Research Services: Wednesday 8 November 2017
Request Not to Assess due at ARC: Wednesday 15 November 2017
Research Services compliance check deadline: Wednesday 15 November 2017
ARC closing date: Wednesday 29 November 2017
Rejoinders: Monday 5 March 2018 to Friday 16 March 2018
Anticipated announcement: June 2018


Complete a Notification of Intent to inform your Faculty and the University Research Services teams of your intention to submit an application. After completing this NOI, you will be provided with regular updates about your funding scheme and sent valuable resources that will assist you in developing a highly competitive research grant application.

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