Fellowship and grant opportunities

Fellowship and grant opportunities

A variety of support is available to  researchers who apply for research grants through Macquarie University. The 2021 major grants round calendar for download. The links below provide details for each of the Australian Research Council (ARC), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), internal, and other external funding schemes, including links to funding rules, contacts, key dates, application deadlines and resources. For information on the impacts of COVID-19 on our researchers and research funding, please visit Macquarie University’s COVID-19 website.

Fellowship and Grant Opportunities


NHMRC has released FAQs on the effect of the COVID-19 outbreak on applications for NHMRC funding, peer review, grant management and other NHMRC processes. See detail here. For specific Macquarie University information on the impacts of COVID-19 on our researchers and research funding, please visit Macquarie University’s COVID-19 website.

Ideas Grants 

Investigator Grants

Synergy Grants

Strategic and Leveraging Grants

Boosting Dementia Research Grants

Centres of Research Excellence

Development Grants

EU Collaborative Research Grants

NHMRC–NIHR (UK) Collaborative Research Grants - OPEN

Partnership Projects - OPEN

Clinical Trials and Cohorts Studies  - Rescheduled till November 2020

Targeted Call for Research

Postgraduate Scholarships - OPEN

Research Grant Resources

Changes to Eligibility for DVCR Co-Funding

Eligibility for the DVCR Co-Funding Scheme is now contingent upon on-time submission of grant applications by the Macquarie University submission date. Many applications for external funding require cash and in-kind contributions from the host institution in order to be considered for funding. In most cases, researchers request cash contributions, such as project support funds, funding for research associates, scholarships and major equipment, from the DVCR via the DVCR Co-Funding Scheme to support their external funding applications. To be eligible to request this DVCR Co-Funding, grant applications must be submitted internally, via Pure, by the Macquarie University submission date.

  • Applications for major grant rounds (ARC and NHMRC) must be submitted to the Research Services Pre Award team 4 or 5 weeks prior to the external deadline, depending on the scheme. View further information on deadlines, processes and FAQs.
  • Applications for miscellaneous grants (including, but not limited to, Perpetual; MNDRIA - Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia; NSW Environmental Trust; Ian Potter Foundation; Australian Rotary Health) must be submitted to the Pre Award team 2 weeks prior to the external deadline.
  • Applications that do not have a Pure record and/or do not have all the appropriate approvals in Pure (Head of Department [HoD] and Associate Dean Research [ADR]) will not be submitted to the external funding body.

Research Professional Database

Macquarie University staff are encouraged to use the Research Professional database to search for research funding opportunities. To set-up your Research Professional Fingerprinting follow the user guide.

2021 Major Grants Round Calendar

Download your copy of the 2021 major grants round calendar which contains important internal and external deadlines for ARC, NHMRC, Cancer Australia and Cancer Council funding opportunities.

Notification of Intent to Apply for Major Schemes

Inform your Faculty and the University Research Services teams of your intention to submit an application in future funding rounds.

Complete a Notification of Intent form for each of the following schemes you intend on applying for in the future:

  • ARC Discovery Projects
  • ARC Discovery Indigenous
  • ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs
  • ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres
  • ARC Linkage Projects
  • ARC Laureate Fellowships
  • NHMRC Investigator Grants
  • NHMRC Ideas Grants
  • NHMRC Synergy Grants
  • NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence
  • NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohorts Studies
  • NHMRC Development Grants
  • NHMRC Partnership Projects
  • MRFF funding
  • Other Category 1 funding schemes

Important note: do not use these forms for the ARC DECRA, Future Fellowship, LIEF or Centres of Excellence schemes, which have a separate expression of interest process.

After completing a form, you will be provided with regular updates about your funding scheme and sent valuable resources that will assist you in developing a highly competitive research grant application.

Training and Support

On the training and support page, view the successful grants library, find details on upcoming workshops, download slides and recordings from past workshops, and view other online resources, such as Advice Toolkits, Budget Calculators, NHMRC RGMS User Guides and general resources.

MQ Salary and Scholarship Rates

Download the MQ salary rates for proposals submitted in 2020 that contains the costs for academic, professional and PhD scholarships for grants.

Pure Research Management System

All research grant applications (apart from partner-funded research) must be submitted using the Pure Research Management System. This system is used to obtain the necessary approvals required for submitting grant applications.

Process for HDR Candidates Applying for External Funding

Macquarie University is supportive of Higher Degree Research (HDR) Candidates applying for relevant external grants, such as grants for travel, conference attendance, project costs, or scholarship top-ups. Nonetheless, the University expects that external research grants should not interfere with candidature at the University nor require extended periods of Offsite Research. HDR Candidates who intend on applying for external funding must follow this University process.

MQ Compliance Checking Deadline

Please note that unless stated otherwise (eg: major grant schemes such as those run by ARC and NHMRC), the Research Services deadline for draft applications to external funding agencies is a minimum of two weeks prior to that of the funding agency. View the grant applications process. This allows the proposals team to compliance check applications and provide feedback. Please contact your Faculty Research Office for the dates of earlier deadlines.

Open Access and Funding Compliance

This open access and funding compliance guide explains how to ensure research outputs are as openly accessible as possible (Open Access) and how to comply with Open Access policies of funding agencies (i.e ARC and NHMRC). Making research outputs as openly accessible as possible increases the impact of Macquarie’s research on wider audiences and helps increase citation rates for our researchers.

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