Fellowship and grant opportunities

Fellowship and grant opportunities

A variety of support is available to  researchers who apply for research grants through Macquarie University. The 2018 major grants round calendar for download. The links below provide details for each of the Australian Research Council (ARC), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), internal, and other external funding schemes, including links to funding rules, contacts, key dates, application deadlines and resources.

Research Grant Resources


Research Professional database

Macquarie University staff are encouraged to use this database to search for research funding opportunities.


2018 Major Grants Round Calendar

Download your copy of the 2018 major grants round calendar which contains important internal and external deadlines for ARC, NHMRC, Cancer Australia and Cancer Council funding opportunities.


MQ Salary Rates for Grants Submitted in 2018

Download the MQ salary rate document that contains the costs for academic, professional and PhD scholarships for grants submitted in 2018.


MQRES Scheme Request an MQRES

Review the Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) Scheme and request an MQRES allocation.


Pure Research Management System

All research grant applications (apart from partner-funded research) must be submitted using the Pure Research Management System. This system is used to obtain the necessary approvals required for submitting grant applications.


MQ Compliance Checking Deadline

Please note that unless stated otherwise (eg: major grant schemes such as those run by ARC and NHMRC), the Research Services deadline for draft applications to external funding agencies is a minimum of one week prior to that of the funding agency. This allows the proposals team to compliance check applications and provide feedback. Please contact your Faculty Research Office for the dates of earlier deadlines.


Open Access and Funding Compliance

This guide explains how to ensure research outputs are as openly accessible as possible (Open Access) and how to comply with Open Access policies of funding agencies (i.e ARC and NHMRC). Making research outputs as openly accessible as possible increases the impact of Macquarie’s research on wider audiences and helps increase citation rates for our researchers.

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