Read about our project partners, teachers and students, student and professional astronomer's new discoveries, what is happening at the Universities in the project or expand your knowledge. We invite contributions of any queries, news or pictures for inclusion to our next newsletter - contact Project Officer, Carolyn Dow.




Edition 15  Please Sir ...?, May 2013

McCarthy College student and parent interest in Space to Grow, Feature Teacher Caroline O'Hare, LCOGT network expansion and gamma ray burst viewing, Understanding our universe: cosmic radiation, dark energy, dark matter, black hole research  


Edition 14 Engaging Teaching, Dec. 2012

Sandra Woodward represents NSW at AITSL, Macquarie AAAstro's world-class research ranking, teacher engagement tricks and treats, Feature Teacher Andrew McKay, Project Research, Solar Eclipse from Bourke


Edition 13  Education and research, Aug. 2012

Prof. Brian Schmidt, Nobel Laureatte and Space to Grow patron sharing his thoughts on teacher professional development and the excitement of discovery, Sleek Geek entry, National Science Week, Feature Teacher David Horton-James, Space to Grow McMoodle blog

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Edition 12 The role of Space to Grow and teachers in the Health of Australian Science, Jun. 2012

Excerpts from the Health of Australian Science Report, Publication of Space to Grow Research findings, student images, Feature Teacher Ross Cutts


Edition 11 Sparking curiosity and undertaking research for students and teachers, Mar. 2012

Student-researched paper in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, RR Lyraes and Cepheid Stars and who famously used them, Feature Teacher Colin McKay, Our star, Science research links, Transit of Venus

NB - Edition 11 Transit of Venus Archive story link:

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Edition 10 Success in Science - Articles on supporting science education and research, Oct. 2011

Nobel Laureate award in Astrophysics 2011, Science Week activities, Student research, Feature Teacher Tim Byrne


Edition 9  Talking the talk - Partner meetings, Jun. 2011

'Clusters' Training strategy, Feature Teacher Anthony Prasad, Image Matters, MQ Centre for Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astrophotonics, Puzzle, Diary Dates


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Edition 8  Working Towards  Project Aims, Feb. 2011

What's in it for me? Project trials, Astro-Celebrities David Malin and Fred Watson, Feature Teacher Jennifer Wickham, Feature Teacher follow-up, Star Partner MacICT, Quiz


Edition 7  Your Space to Grow project Needs You, Oct. 2010

Student incentives for Baseline data, 'Tools of Engagement', Star Partner DET Western, Feature Teacher Craig Luccarda, MQ Research award, NASA investigates Siding Springs comet, Quick Quiz

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Edition 6  Students are Winners with Space to Grow, Aug. 2010

K1-6, Star Partner CEO Parramatta, Feature Teacher Ross Gawthorne, Team Member 'on tour', Personalised Professional Development, National first for MQ, IT support, Quick Quiz

Edition 5  Working for Change in Science Education, Jun. 2010

MacKillop College introduction, Star Project Partner CEO Bathurst, Feature Teacher Rochelle Mutton, Team promoting Science Education and Support, New Resources, Quick Quiz

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Edition 4  Researching Targets, Applying for Telescope Time, Apr. 2010

Research, Star Project Partner, Faulkes Telescopes, Feature Teacher, Implementation, Quick Quiz, Project choices

Edition 3  Implementation, Feb. 2010

PD days, Implementation incentives, New Training aids, Quick Quiz, Star Project Partner Australian Research Council, Ning Hints, Diary Dates

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Edition 2    Farewell 2009 International Year of Astronomy, Dec. 2009 

Second PD day, Timetabling, New Training aids,  Quick Quiz, Been Here? Diary Dates


Edition 1  Background information, Oct. 2009 

Introduction to the project and websites, Team presentations,  First training workshop and implementation

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