Resources for HDR candidates

Resources for HDR candidates

Resources for HDR candidates


The Library supports HDR and MRes candidates through various avenues. A list of this support is available on their website.

There is also a dedicated HDR study space on Level 5 of the library. Features include:

  • swipe card access
  • over 130 seats
  • desktop power for laptops
  • Macquarie wireless network access
  • kitchenette with microwave, fridge & vending machine
  • free daily lockers

Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund (PGRF)

The PGRF is a designated fund of up to $5000 per candidate for activities that add value to a research project, such as a trip for a conference presentation or visit to a laboratory.

Candidates can apply for funding once during their candidature, with the exception of those partaking in a joint PhD program, who may apply to the Dean HDR for permission to make a second application.

NB: The PGRF is subject to change and approval

Faculty of Business and Economics

1. HDR research fund

a) PhD candidates will be provided with up to AUD$10,000 in research funding to support research activities associated with the PhD thesis.

b) MRes Year 2 candidates will be provided with AUD$1,000 in research funding to support research activities associated with the MRes thesis.

2. Loaned equipment

Full time PhD candidates will be eligible for a loaned laptop during their candidature.

3. Study space

All MRes Year 2 and PhD candidates will be given full access to a dedicated research hub, hot-desking study rooms and printing facilities.

NB: Faculty Resources are subject to change and approval

Faculty of Human Sciences

In Human Sciences, research funding is provided by your department. Please refer to the table below. No specified amount of funding is guaranteed. This is to ensure candidates each receive a reasonable amount of funding appropriate to their needs.

Curren HDR funding Human Sciences Support budget (maximum) Office space: Full-time Office space:
Computer $ Conference presentation & travelNotes
Cognitive Science HDR *$9,000 Open plan, individual desk Currently open plan, hot desk Individual desks (when research facilities relocate shortly) Desktop (full-time only) HDR  – international can apply for up to $5K from the $9K support budget -Domestic at any time 4 rounds a year *candidates conducting MEG/fMRI studies can apply for additional funding (due to cost)  

Must apply for PGRF for international travel
 MRES $1,700 --- MRes – no conference travel -
Educational Studies HDR $9,000
$3,000 FT $1,500 PT  (per calendar year)
PhD FT  Y1 & 2 shared office with 4 or 5

Final year HDR shared office with 1 other.
PhD PT Hot desk Desktops  

Laptops available for field work (data collection)
HDR  Must be presenting, max per year is $3,000 FT or $1,500 PT from project support funds, not additional. EoI 4 competitive rounds per year Conference funding may be Domestic conferences  or *one International conference during candidature  (*overall maximum of $5,000 used towards conferences from department support budget)
 MRES $1,700 MRES Y2 shared office MRes PT Hot desk - MRes – no conference travel -
Linguistics HDR $10,000 Shared office  (if available) Hot desk Desktop HDR $3000 from project support budget HDR thesis editing can be applied for to a maximum of $1000 (i.e. a contribution)
 MRES $1,700---MRes – no conference travel-
Psychology HDR $8,000 Shared office  (if available) Hot desk Desktop  Mac or PC

Laptop only if do not require a desk
$3000 international and $700 – $900 domestic if there are sufficient funds remaining in budget. HDR thesis editing max $1000 contribution by the department.
 MRES $1,700 --- MRes – no conference travel -

Funding for transferring candidates is pro rata (checking expenses to date if MQ transfer).

NB: Faculty Resources are subject to change and approval

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Higher degree research candidates (MRes Y2, MPhil and PhD) in the Faculty of Science and Engineering can access financial support to assist with their research where a clear need for such support is evident. Funding is allocated on the basis of the approved budget. The Head of Department will make that determination in consultation with the Executive Dean of the Faculty.

A range of activities are supported with this funding, depending on the nature of the research. Examples include (note this is not an exhaustive list):

  • fieldwork expenses - e.g. travel, accommodation, food, vehicle hire
  • fieldwork equipment - e.g. recording equipment/data loggers, transcribers
  • other minor equipment - e.g. scanners, technical software
  • laboratory consumables - e.g. chemicals, gases, etc.
  • analysis costs - e.g. DNA sequencing, NMR, etc.
  • domestic conference presentation or workshop participation for two trips at up to $750 per trip, or one trip at up to $1,500, for the candidature of each PhD student.
  • notebook computer (where required).
  • NB: Faculty Resources are subject to change and approval

Faculty of Arts


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Funding support currently available in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Medicine are:

  • PHD candidates have AUS $4,500 available each year towards project costs and AUD$3,000 (over the course of their candidature) for conference travel.
  • MRES candidates will be allocated AUD$2,500 to support purchasing of consumables

Project funding for candidates in AIHI, Health Systems and Populations and Health Professions are through arrangement with Supervisors and the Department.

This will be reviewed every year and maybe subject to change from 2019.

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