Research Ethics Advisors

Research Ethics Advisors

Macquarie University has a number of research ethics advisors who fulfil a crucial role in the ethics approval process.

You are encouraged to contact your research ethics advisor for advice on your ethics application before submitting your application for review.

Faculty of Arts

Dr Mio Bryce, ext. 7064

Dr Chris Vasantkumar, ext. 9458

Ms Josephine Bourne, ext. 7932

Dr Holly Doel-Mackaway, ext. 4090

Ms Carolyn Adams, ext. 7086

Dr Tobia Fattore, ext. 8074

Dr Nicole Matthews, ext. 2152

Dr Mianna Lotz, ext. 8804

Macquarie Business School

To be advised

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Dr Ian Stephen, ext. 8001

Associate Professor Sachiko Kinoshita, ext. 8004

Dr Kim Curby, ext. 4153

Professor Greg Savage, ext. 4862

Dr Natasha Todorov, ext. 8008

Ms Rebecca Kim, ext. 8789

Dr Jill Murray, ext. 9605

Professor Tony Eyers, ext 4014

Dr Benjamin Heng, ext. 2733

Dr Tejal Shah, ext. 2784

Dr Kathryn Mills, ext. 6624

Faculty of Science and Engineering

To be advised.

Walanga Muru

Ms Sue Pinkham (Cultural Advisor), ext. 8653

Ethics Administration

Research Services

Human Ethics Administration: Ms Michelle Thorpe, ext. 4459

HREC (Medical Sciences): Ms Jennifer Rowland, ext. 4194

HREC (Humanities and Social Sciences): Ms Fran Thorp, ext, 7850

Faculty of Arts Research Office

Faculty Ethics Subcommittee Administration:

Macquarie Business School

Faculty Ethics Subcommittee Adminstration:

Ms Laura Billington, ext. 8327

Associate Professor Jana Bowden (Subcommittee Chair)

Faculty of Medicine, Health Human Sciences

Facuty Ethics Subcommittee Administration:

Ms Tammy Harwood, ext. 4571

Ms Kay Bowes-Tseng, ext. 4197

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Faculty Ethics Subcommittee Administration:

Ms Katherine Shevelev, ext. 9600

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