Research ethics advisors

Research ethics advisors

Macquarie University has a number of research ethics advisors who are members of the HRECs and who fulfil a crucial role in the ethics approval process. Research ethics advisors are available should you need advice on your ethics application.

You are encouraged to contact your research ethics advisor before submitting your application for review if you have questions or need advice on your ethics application.

A list of research ethics advisors is below. If you cannot find a suitable research ethics advisor, please contact the Ethics Secretariat:

Administrative offices and units and all faculties

Ms Fran Thorp/Ms Tinny Hon, ext 7850

Ms Michelle Thorpe, ext 4459

Faculty of Arts

Dr Mio Bryce, ext 7064

Dr Dalbir Ahlawat

Department of Philosophy

Dr Mianna Lotz, ext 8804

Faculty of Business and Economics

Associate Professor Hume Winzar, ext 6468

Faculty of Human Sciences

Dr Ian Stephen, ext 8001 

Dr Roger Engel, ext 6387

Associate Professor Sachiko Kinoshita, ext 8004

Associate Professor Jac Brown, ext 8094

Associate Professor Colin Wastell, ext 8600

Dr Melissa Norberg, ext 8127

Dr Mridula Sharma, ext 4863

Ms Rebecca Kim, ext 8789

Dr Ross MacKenzie, ext 6393

Dr Julia Hush, ext 6621

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Professor Tony Eyers, ext 4014

Faculty of Science and Engineering 

Associate Professor Annabelle McIver, ext 9579

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