Social sciences

The cost of living in the Anthropocene

24 March 2014

A biologist and an anthropologist have joined forces in a new journal article considering the true cost of living in …

Should we do away with ‘dyslexia’?

21 March 2014

This is an extract of an article originally published in The Conversation, by Macquarie University’s Professor Anne Castles and Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall. In …

Beyond ‘impartiality’: how the ABC can benefit from editorial audits

16 December 2013

This is an extract of an article originally published in The Conversation, by Macquarie University’s Dr Annabelle Lukin. The decision of …

From cuckoo to yo-he-ho: workshop explores the origins of language

4 December 2013

A unique workshop will bring internationally leading linguists, philosophers and cognitive scientists to Macquarie University on Friday 6 December, to …

Australian soft power challenges addressed by DFAT Secretary at Bruce Allen Memorial Lecture

23 October 2013

The 2013 Bruce Allen Memorial lecture, hosted by Macquarie University’s Faculty of Arts and Soft Power Advocacy and Research Centre …

New study shows cognitive behaviour therapy effective in treating older Australians with anxiety and depression

4 October 2013

New research from Macquarie University has revealed that cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) can be effective in treating comorbid depression and …

Media, minds and neuroscience: conference explores the developing brain in a media-rich environment

1 October 2013

An important and timely conference will bring international experts together in Sydney’s Parliament House on Friday October 4, to explore …

Alumna and NSW Deputy Commissioner of Police Catherine Burn receives honorary doctorate

18 September 2013

As an alumna who has served the people of New South Wales faithfully and with distinction for almost three decades, …

Destroying the joint and dying of shame? New research explores feminist revitalisation in social media and beyond

23 August 2013

A new paper in Geographic Research examines the revitalisation of interest in feminist thought in Australia and around the world, …

Dog or Dogs? When do children learn the difference?

4 July 2013

Researchers at Macquarie University’s Child Language Laboratory (in the Australian Hearing Hub) are one step closer to identifying a question that has long perplexed linguists and parents alike: when do children understand that adding an –s to the end of a noun means ‘more than one’ (i.e., plural)?

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