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Van SPALL, Pieter

Baptised 5 July 1772 in Cochin. Son of Jan Lambertus van Spall (1748-1816), last governor of Cochin [1793-1795], and Maria Margaretha Dirksz Bers (1753-177*).

Received a doctoral degree 1791 Utrecht (The Netherlands). Arrived in Colombo from Holland to take up an appointment as an 'advocate'.

Married to Anna Diederica Fretz (1772-18**), eldest daughter of Diederich Thomas Fretz, last governor of Galle (1792-1796), and Cornelia Reyniera van Sanden. Marriage date c.1795?

Marriage appears to have failed by 1796 - and following Lachlan Macquarie's visit to Galle he promised to assist Commandeur Fretz in arranging for a satisfactory divorce settlement for Anna from Pieter Van Spall (see letter dated 29 March 1796, 'Lachlan Macquarie to Dietrich Thomas Fretz'. Mitchell Library, Sydney. ML Reference: A788 pp.213-216).

"...It affords me a very great pleasure to find, from a late conversation I had the honor of having with General Stuart, that he has been able to allow your own Civil Court of Justice to take Cognizance of your Daughter's present very unpleasant and unhappy situation with her Husband Mr. Vanspall; and I trust an eternal separation will very shortly be the consequence..."

Pieter van Spall died in Batavia on 22 May 1804. He appears to have adopted two children - boy and a girl. [See his Will dated 19 May 1804 (three days before his death). Details in Landsarchief Batavia, Register of Wills Semarang].

Landsarchief Batavia, Register of Wills Semarang Folio 109. Collection: Bloys van Treslong.

Los, Martin "Genealogie van het geslacht van Spall afkomstig uit Westmaas 1530" (in press) and personal communication with author, July 2003.

de Vos, F.H. "Genealogin" Journal of the Dutch Burgher Union Vol.2 No.2 1909 pp.71-74.

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