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(c.1752-1797) - Lieutenant-Colonel

Bonnevaux entered the HEIC as an ensign in January 1768 and served with the 10th Madras Native Infantry.

Commissioned: Ensign (HEIC - 10th Madras Native Infantry), 15 June 1768; Lieutenant, 3 August 1770; Captain, 9 July 1779; Major, 6 February 1788; Lieutenant-Colonel, 18 March 1794.

In 1790 Bonnevaux served as Commandant of Condapilly, a fortress and cantonment in Kistna District, Madras Presidency.

He commanded the European Brigade [consisting of troops of the 52nd, 73rd and 77th Regiments of Foot] in military operations against the Dutch forces at Negombo and Colombo in February 1796. He served as Commandant at Galle in 1797 and assumed full command of Ceylon following the death of Major-General Welbore Ellis Doyle on 2 July; but Bonnevaux died in an accident at Colombo soon afterwards "killed by the upsetting of his curricle as he drove through one of the gates of the Fort, and was buried within a week of his predecessor." [Percival p.114]. Bonnevaux was succeeded by Colonel Pierre Frederic de Meuron as Brigadier-General and Commander-in-Chief of the Island.

Died: 12 July 1797, in Colombo (Ceylon).

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