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Saturday 1. Septr.
I returned this day at Noon to Sydney. — No arrivals during my absence.

Tuesday 4. Septr.
I went by Water this forenoon, accompanied by Mr. Meehan Dy. Surveyor Genl., Mr. Chas. Fraser Colonial Botanist, Capt. Piper and Lieut. Macquarie – to Double Bay, and there marked the future Botanic Garden, directing about Twenty acres of Ground to be reserved & located for that purpose.

Saturday 8. Septr. 1821 !
At 1. P.M. this day I set out from Sydney for Parramatta for the purpose of taking the General Muster for the present year at the several Stations in the Interior. — I arrived at Parramatta at ½ past 2 P.M., and was joined there in the Evening by by Mrs. Macquarie and our dear Boy in the Evening of the same Day. —

The Adamant Male Convict Ship, arrived late in the Evening of this Day at Port Jackson. —

Sunday 16. Septr. !
The Grenada Male Convict Ship, arrived this day at Port Jackson from England.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 11 March 1821 - 12 February 1822.
Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.235-236 [CY Reel 301: Frames 648-649].

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