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Wedy. 1. Augt. !
I inspected all the Public Works and other Improvements, now in progress at Parramatta – and also visited the Jail, Factory, and Female orphan Institution. —

Thursday 2. Augt. !!!
Mrs. M. and myself having resolved on placing our dear Boy Lachlan at the Revd. Mr. Reddall's School in the Country, we set out with him, and Edmund Sorell, for that purpose, this day at 11,O'Clock, and arrived at the House of the Revd. Mr. Reddall at Macquariefield (Mr. Meehan's Farm) in Airds, at Half past 2,O'Clock in the afternoon, and where Mrs. M. intends residing with our dear Boy for some time, in order to reconcile him the better to the School, and change of situation.

The Revd. Mr. Reddall and his wife, received Lachlan most kindly, and the former promised to do every thing in his power to reconcile him to the School – and to forward his Education by every possible means. — Mr. Reddall is to have other 8 Boys, besides Lachlan and young Sorell. —

Lachlan and young Sorell are the two first Scholars admitted into the Revd. Mr. Reddall's School. —

Friday 3. Augt. !!!
I got up early this morning – and leaving my dearest Mrs. M. and our beloved Boy at Mr. Reddall's, I returned to Sydney, stopping to breakfast at Liverpool. — At ½ past 2. P.M. I arrived at Sydney.

H.M. Ship Dauntless, Capt. Gambier, sailed this afternoon from Port Jackson – and prosecuted her Voyage for Lima in South America. — The Supply Whaler sailed the same Day. —

Monday 6. Augt. !!!
This same day sailed for Madras the Ship Speke commanded by Capt. Mc.Pherson, having the several Detachments belonging to the 1st., 24th. 30th., 34th., 45th. 53d. 47th. 82d. & 89th, Regiments serving in India, under the command of Capt. Richard Moore of the 45th. Regiment on board. —

Tuesday 7. Augt. 1821 !
I set out this afternoon in the Carriage on a short Excursion to the Interior; leaving Sydney at 3. P.M. and arriving at Parramatta at ½ past 4,O'Clock.

Wednesday 8. Augt. !!!
I set out at ½ past 9. a.m. from Parramatta in the Carriage, accompanied by Major Druitt and arrived at Windsor at 12 at Noon. — I was soon afterwards waited on by the Magistrates, Civil Officers and a Deputation from the Inhabitants, generally with an address of Congratulation on the return of myself & Family from the Southern Settlements — to which I made a suitable answer. In the Evening there was a grand illumination in the Town – and a number of large Bone-Fires (along the Banks of the Hawkesbury) in the several Farms.

Thursday 9. Augt. 1821.
Having inspected the several Public Buildings, already completed, or now in progress, at Windsor and Richmond, I returned this morning to Parramatta, where soon after my arrival I accompanied Mr. Commissary Genl. Wemyss to fix on the Site of a New Commissariat Store and Granary adjoining the old Military Barracks, which was accordingly done — and that Building will be commenced erecting forthwith. — I afterwards accompanied Major Druitt and Mr. Greenway (the Civil architect) to the New Factory to inspect various deficiencies – and bad work performed by the Contractors, who are to be called upon to make good or correct before they are paid the Balance due on their Contract.

Friday 10. Augt. !
I set out after Breakfast from Parramatta on a visit to my dear Mrs. M. and Lachlan at Macquariefd. where I arrived at ½ past 12, O'Clock and was received with a Royal Salute from my beloved Lachlan's little Park of Artillery !!!

I had the happiness of finding them both in pretty good Health, and our dear Boy tolerably well reconciled to the School. —

Saturday 11. Augt. 1821 !
I set out from Macquariefield at ½ past 11.a.m., remained for Half an Hour at Liverpool, and arrived at Sydney at Half past 3,O'Clock in the afternoon. —

Monday 13. Augt. 1821 !!!
The anniversary of the Birth-Day of our gracious Sovereign having fallen this year on Sunday (yesterday) the same was Celebrated on this day with the usual demonstrations of Joy, honor, and respect. — At 12 O'Clock the Troops were drawn out in Hyde Park – and the usual Royal Salutes were fired – from them and the Batteries. — At ½ past 1,O'Clock I held a Levee, which was numerously and respectably attended. — In the Evening I entertained all the Civil, Naval, & Military Officers, and Principal Gentlemen of the Colony, at Government House at Dinner; to which 151 Gentlemen had been invited – and 136 had actually sat down. —

Tuesday 14. Augt. 1821 !
I attended the meeting of the Bible Society held this Day at 12,O'Clock, at the Church of St. Philip, and at which meeting I presided as Chairman.

The Revd. Mr. Mansfield, one of the Wesleyan Missionaries – and Mr. Eagar made very flattering speeches on my Protection & Patronage to this and other Pious Societies.

The Meeting broke up at ½ past 2.P.M.

Wednesday 15. Augt. 1821.
This forenoon, between 11 and 12,O'Clock, the Ship Regalia, commanded by Capt. Dixon and of which Mr. Jno. Raine is Owner, sailed directly for England.

Lieut. Colonel Davey, late Lieut. Governor of Van Diemen's Land, is gone Home a Passenger in the Regalia, leaving his poor unfortunate Family at the Derwent.

I gave Mr. John Raine charge of my Dispatches for Earl Bathurst, contained in a small Box — and for which I have taken his Receipt. —

I this day presented Thos. Moore Esqr. J.P. of Liverpool a grant of (2000) Two Thousand acres of Land for his Public Services at that Town for the last Eleven years and a Half; he having superintended & directed the Building & other Improvements erected & made in that Town ever since it's original formation, under his own immediate auspices.

I this day paid Lieut. Lawson, by Draft on the Police Fund, his Salary as Comdt. of Bathurst from the 24th. of August 1819, to the 30th. of June last inclusive at 5/- Pr. Diem, amounting to £168.15. — Sterling. — N.B. Lieut. Lawson is to continue to Draw his Salary as Comdt. of Bathurst after this Quarterly, at the same rate as above. —

Friday 17. Augt. 1821 !
The Malefactors William Swift and James Robinson were this day Executed in pursuance of their Sentences for the horrid Crimes of Murder —

Saturday 18. Augt. 1821 !
This day arrived in the Harbour the Male Convict Ship Countess of Harcourt, commanded by Capt. G. Bunn, with 172 Convicts which She landed at the Derwent by orders from Home; Doctor Price R.N. being Surgeon Supdt. and the Guard consisting of Detachments of the 30th. & 53d. Regts. being commanded by Ensign Drew of the 46th. Regiment. —

This Ship sailed from England on the 20th. of April – having had a remarkable quick Passage.

Monday 20th. Augt. 1821 !!!
I this day received from Mrs. M. the mournful and most afflicting accounts of the Death of our amiable and excellent Nephew Lieut. John Campbell (Glenfuichan) of the 10th. Regt. of N. Infy. E. C., which fatal event took place in Bengal. —

Wednesday 22. Augt. 1821.
Four Criminals were Executed !!! This day the Ship Mary (of which Mr. Kermode is owner) sailed for the Derwent, having a Detachment of 13 Soldiers of the 48th. Regt. on board going to reinforce and complete Brevet Major Bell's Company of 100 R. & File.

I sent Dispatches by this conveyance to Lt. Govr. Sorell. —

Thursday 23. Augt.
I went this day to visit Mrs. M. and Lachlan at Macquarie-field – and to remain a couple of Nights there with them; leaving Sydney at ½ past 11. a.m. and arriving at M-fd. at 3. P.M. — Found all well. —

Friday 24. Augt.
William Geary, the noted Bush Ranger, and Six other malefactors, Tried and Convicted at the present Criminal Court, were this day executed in pursuance of their respective Sentences. —

Saturday 25. Augt. 1821.
I left Macquariefield early this morning and arrived at Sydney at ½ past 11,O'Clock – a.m. —

Monday 27. Augt.!
The Brig Campbell Macquarie sailed this Day for the Derwent, and I sent my Dispatches for that settlement by her in charge of Mr. Crammond her Owner. —

Wednesday 29. Augt. 1821 !!!
This morning were executed in pursuance of their respective Sentences Six Malefactors for Forgeries & various other Felonies: thus 19 Criminals having forfeited their Lives to the outraged Laws of their Country during the present Sessions of the Criminal Court – the first two being for Murder !!!

I this day attended the annual Meeting of the Benevolent Society, and acted as the Chairman thereof.

Thursday 30. Augt.
I went this day to visit Mrs. M. & Lachn. at Mr. Reddall's — arriving there between 3 & 4,O'Clock. —

Friday 31. Augt. ! —
I went to Parramatta to fix on the Site of the New Store & Granary there, and had the Foundation marked out by Messrs. Greenway & Rouse. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 11 March 1821 - 12 February 1822.
Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.223-235 [CY Reel 301: Frames 636-648.

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