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Saturday 13. Octr. 1821 !
Having completed the annual Genl. Muster at the several Stations in the Interior, I this day returned to Sydney for the purpose of taking the General Muster there. — Mrs. M. and Lachlan returned at the same time to Macquariefield. —

Monday 15th. Octr. —
Commenced taking the Genl. Muster at Sydney —

Tuesday 16 Octr. !!!
This morning at 7,O'Clock, the Government Colonial Cutter Mermaid Commanded by Mr. Kent, and the Govt. Schooner Prince Regent Commanded by Mr. Brown, sailed for the Sandwich Islands; the latter Vessel being intended as a Present for the King of that Country (long since ordered as such from Home) and the former is sent in charge of the Prince Regent Schooner — and to bring back her Crew to Port Jackson. —

Friday 19. Octr. 1821.
The Caroline, Commanded by Capt. Taylor sailed this day for the Derwent, by which conveyance I sent Dispatches to Lt. Govr. Sorell &c. &c.

Thursday 25. Octr. 1821 !
The Duchess of York, Capt. Collins, sailed this afternoon for Taheite and England, having Doctor Redfern and Family – and Mr. Edward Eagar as Passengers on board, and bearing the Petition of the Emancipated Colonists of New South Wales to the King and Parliament. — I gave Letters of Introduction to Dr. Redfern & Mr. Eagar to Earl Bathurst — and the Marquiss [sic] of Londonderry, and also to some Private friends as Pr. List of the same. —

Saturday 27. Octr. 1821 !
I went up to Parramatta to meet Mrs. Macquarie & Lachlan there from Castle Meehan. — I arrived at 3,O'Clock, and had the happiness of finding them there on my arrival both in good Health; Miss Wilson being along with them. —

Monday 29. Ocr.
I returned to Sydney, accompanied by Mrs. M. and Lachlan in our own Carriage; Miss Wilson having come in another Carriage. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 11 March 1821 - 12 February 1822.
Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.237-239 [CY Reel 301: Frames 650-655].

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