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Sunday 1. July 1821.
We made tolerable good progress during last Night, but the Wind is quite adverse this morning, blowing very strong from the Northward, & accompanied by a heavy swell and rolling Head-Sea, occasioning much disagreeable motion, and making one & all of us very sick, with the exception of Lachlan and our Commander; the former standing it out most manfully.

Monday 2. July 1821.
We found ourselves this morning abreast of the Schouten Islands. —The Weather is clear – and the Wind more moderate – but still blowing from the Northward, so as not to admit of our making much progress in our Voyage. — Soon after Sunset it came on to blow very fresh and the Sea rose very high, occasioning a great deal of motion – which continued all Night.

Tuesday 3d. July !
The Wind still continuing foul, Capt. Taylor determined to bear up for Oyster Bay – about Twenty miles to the Southward of us, to take shelter there and wait a change of Wind.

At 9. a.m. we bore away for Oyster Bay – but by Noon the Wind suddenly died away and we were becalmed. —

At Sunset stood out from the Land, it threatening to blow fresh – which it did all Night – with a heavy sea.

Wednesday 4. July !
The Wind this morning continuing still foul, we stood away for Oyster Bay – where we anchored at ½ past 2. P.M. about 2 miles from either shore, the Maria Islands, which form this Bay, being due East of our anchorage, which appears a safe and well sheltered one. —

Thursday 5. July !
The Wind still continues adverse, blowing a strong gale from the Northward. At Noon, the weather being moderate, Mrs. M. Lachn. Teddie, & Charley, and myself went in one of the Whale Boats a fishing to a small Island near the anchorage –; but came back without success after rounding the Island, it being too cold & windy for fishing. —This small Island, which is covered with Grass, and is situated within one mile of the Main Land and about 3 miles from Maria Island, I have named "Lachlan's Island", in honor of our dear Boy – and to commemorate his name in this part of the Australian World! —

Friday 6. July !
The Wind continues still Northerly and blowing a hard gale at Sea. — We are therefore Constrained to remain at our first anchorage in this Sound. Our stock of Sheep getting rather low in flesh, they were sent on shore early this morning to feed on Lachlan's Island. —

Boats were also sent to the shore of the Main Land to procure a supply of Fresh Water.

Saturday 7. July !
The Wind still continues adverse and we consequently remain at our original anchorage. —

Sunday 8. July !
It blew very fresh all last Night at North; but this morning it shifted round to the Westward – and by 11,O'Clock blew a strong gale from West and by South. — In the course of the afternoon, a Boat was sent to Lachlan Island for the Sheep – which were all brought safe on board by 4,O'Clock.

The Wind having come still more round to the South, we weighed anchor [anchor] and sailed from Maria Sound at Half past 5. P.M., and cleared the Entrance of the Sound (formed by the Schouten Islands) by 8,O'Clock. — We then steered a Northerly Course a little Easterly – with the wind at South West blowing a smart Gale.

Monday 9. July !
It blows a hard Gale this morning – with a very high Sea. —

It continued so the whole of this day with much motion.

Tuesday 10. July 1821.
We had a very heavy Gale all last night with a high cross Sea, and most dreadful motion, which continued all this day – so much so as not to admit of our going upon Deck at all the whole day and the Dead Lights were put in yesterday afternoon. — We had the misfortune to lose our Carriage Horse Loftie this day owing to the violent motion and aggitation [sic] of the ship principally. — The other two Horses have stood it out pretty well. —

Wednesday 11. July !
The last night was like the former, blowing a most severe gale with a dreadful high Sea all day. — At 4. a.m. the Sea began to fall – and the weather became more moderate.

At Day-break we made the Land nearly abreast of the Pigeon House about 100 miles south of Port Jackson.

At Noon we were abreast of Shoal Haven, and at 5. P.M. we were abreast of Illawarra or the 5 Islands. —

Thursday 12. July 1821 !
At 1. a.m. we entered within the Heads – and the Night being very light the Comr. of the Ship determined to work up the Harbour notwithstanding the Wind being unfavourable – and no Pilot having come on board. — At 5. a.m. we anchored in Sydney Cove, close to Mrs. Macquarie's Stairs – unknown to any one. — We found the Dauntless Frigate commanded by Capt. Gambier, and H.M. Storeship Coromandel Commanded by Capt. Downie, lying in the Harbour; the former being lately Ceylon bound to South America, and the latter about a month since from New Zealand with Spars & Timber for Naval purposes, so far on her way- to England. —

The Harbour was almost full of other Ships and Vessels from various parts of the World. —

We landed from the Caroline at 8. a.m. quite in a private manner, which was at my own request, and found all belonging to us at Government House well & safe. —

As soon however as it was known on board the two Ships that I had arrived in the Harbour, they both saluted me, and which Honor I directed to be returned from the Batery [sic] at Dawse's Point. —

[End of the Journal describing the Tour of Inspection to Van Diemen's Land]

Macquarie, Lachlan. Journal of a Voyage and Tour of Inspection to Van Diemen's Land.
4 April 1821 – 12 July 1821.
Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A784 118-131 ff. [CY Reel 303 Frames #417-430].

Thursday 12. July 1821
This morning at 5,O'Clock the Ship Caroline anchored in Sydney Cove after a voyage of 12 Days from Hobart Town. — We landed at 8,O'Clock, and found all well at Govt. House.

His Majesty's Frigate the Dauntless Capt. Gambier, and Store Ship Coromandel Capt. Downie, fired Salutes in Honor of my arrival after I had landed. — The following Ships and Square Rigged Vessels, I found at anchor in Sydney Cove on my arrival besides the two King's Ships – vizt. The Speke, the Medway, the Regalia, the Surrey, the Mary, the Supply (Whaler), Ships; and the Brigs Govr. Macquarie, Haweis, and Elizabeth & Mary. For the particulars of my Tour to Van Diemen's Land, I refer to my Journals marked Nos. 1–2– & 3 of my said Tour & Voyage.

In the Evening the Town was beautifully illuminated in honor of my arrival at the Seat of Government. —

Friday 13 July 1821.
An Address from the Inhabitants of the Colony was this day presented congratulating me on my return to Head Quarters. —

Sunday 22. July 1821 !
I learned with real sorrow and regret this Afternoon from Mr. Wolstonecraft that my worthy and much esteemed friend Asst. Commissary Genl. Wm. Broughton had departed this Life at Six OClock this morning at his own Farm in the district of Appin; leaving a Wife and a numerous young Family to bewail his loss. — Mr. Broughton has served His Majesty in the Commissariat Department for 33 years – with great Honor and credit to himself and advantage to the Public having arrived with Govr. Phillip in the Colony in January 1788 !!!

Wednesday 25. July !
I attended the Funeral of poor Mr. Broughton this Day at Liverpool.

This afternoon H.M. Store Ship Coromandel, commanded by Capt. Downie, sailed directly for England. I sent Public Dispatches (in two Boxes) for Early Bathurst H.M. Prinl. Secry. of State for the Colonies, Home by the Coromandel in charge of Capt. Downie, as per Register kept of said Dispatches. — I sent a Pair of Emus to Lord Bathurst, a Pair of Emus to Ld. Castlereagh, and a Pair of Black Swans to Genl. Sir George Nugent Bart., and a Box of Stuffed Birds (from Mrs. M. for his Daughter) for Charles Forbes Esqr. M.P., all in charge of Captain Downie – who has promised to take particular care of them. Lieut. O'Brien 48th. Regt. – and Dr. Espie R. Navy have gone Home as passengers in the Coromandel. —

27 July 1821.
We gave a Ball & Supper this Evening to the Ladies & Gentlemen of Sydney – including the officers of H.M. Ship Dauntless (Capt. Gambier) now lying in the Harbour.

The Ball was kept up till 5,O'Clock the following morning. — there were upwards of 80 Ladies & Gentlemen sat down to Supper. — Mrs. M. was unable to make her appearance, being too much indisposed to leave her Bed-room.

Monday 30 July !
I inspected the 48th. Regt. this day in Hyde-Park – and afterwards entertained the Officers of the Regt. & Detachments – and also the Officers of H.M. Ship Dauntless at Dinner in the Evening to a number of Ladies & Gentlemen assembled on the occasion. —

Tuesday 31. July 1821 !
I inspected the Books, Quarters, Hospital and Messing of the 48th. Regt. this forenoon — all of which I found correct.

Between 2 and 3,O'Clock, I set out in the Carriage, with Mrs. M. and Lachlan – and also Edmund Sorell – for Parramatta – where we arrived a little after 4,O'Clock.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 1 March 1820 - 8 March 1821.
Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.**-** [CY Reel 301: Frames #-#]

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