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New South Wales
The Governor's Diary — and Memorandum Book — Commencing on Wednesday the 1st. of March 1820 – and Ending on Thursday 8th. of March of 1821. — L.M.

Wednesday 1. March 1820!
This day sailed from Port Jackson for England the Private Merchant Ship "The Admiral Cockburn", Commanded by Capt. Briggs, (direct from England), with Wool & other Colonial Produce, and a number of Passengers: namely, Mrs. Lewin (widow of the late Mr. W. J. Lewin Painter and Coroner) and her son Wm. Lewin, Mrs. Kitchen, Mrs. Reibey & Daughters, Mr. Drummond (late Naval officer at the Derwent) and his Family, Mr. Kermode mercht. of Liverpool, and Mr. Alexander Berry Mercht. of Sydney. — To the latter Gentlemen I gave charge of my Dispatches for His Majesty's ministers.

The Brig "Robert Quaile" [sic] Sailed on the same day on a Sealing Voyage previous to her return to England. —

Thursday 2. March 1820!
This morning anchored in Sydney Cove His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Russia's Ship of War "Otkritie", Commanded by Captain Vassilieff (– who is the senior officer or Commodore of the Squadron –) on a Voyage of Discovery to the South Sea; having sailed from Cronstadt on the 15th. of July last; touching at Portsmouth, and Rio de Janeiro on their way here. — These Ships saluted the British Flag with 21 Guns, which was returned from the Battery with an equal number.

The Merchant Brig Guide, Capt. Higgins, with a Cargo of Merchandize from Bengal (which she left on the 4th. of Octr. last – ) anchored also this morning in Sydney Cove.

Friday 3 March 1820!
I paid a visit of Ceremony, accompanied by all the Gentlemen of my Family, this day to the Commanders and Officers of the two Russian Imperial Ships of War Otkritie – and Blahonamerenoy – ; the former being Commanded by Capt. Vassilieff and the latter by Capt. Sheshmareff.

I was received on board both Ships with the most marked attention and respect – and Saluted on my quitting them respectively. — I invited the two Commanders and all their Officers to dine with me tomorrow at Government House. —

Saturday 4. March!
All the Officers of the two Russian Ships dined with me today – and I had the Lt. Govr., the Judge of the Supreme Court, and the other Principal Officers of Government to meet them. —

This Evening anchored in the Harbour the Ship (or Bark) Amboyna, Commanded by Capt. Wilson, with a valuable Cargo of Merchandize from Calcutta – which Place she sailed from on the 16th. of Decr. last.

Tuesday 7. March!
This day poor George Smith, the Head Muster Clerk, and who has been usefully employed in that Capacity for the last Ten years, died this afternoon after a long and tedious illness. — This poor man is a great loss in this particular Department. —

Thursday 9. March!
The Ship Mary, Commanded by Capt. John Brown, with a Cargo of Merchandize from Calcutta, anchored this forenoon in Sydney Cove, having touched at the Derwent – which she sailed from on the 25th. of last month. —

Monday 13. March 1820!
I went to Parramatta with Mrs. M. and our Family. —

Tuesday 14th. March!
Went with Mrs. M. in the Carriage, having Lachlan along with us, to Rooty-Hill, to see and inspect the Government Herds & Horses at that Station, returning to Parramatta the same Day. — N.B. Mrs. M. was much fatigued with the Drive over the bad part of the Road, and was unwell in consequence. —

Wedy. 15. March!
Went to Sydney to transact Business this morning, returning to Parramatta in the Evening. —

Thursday 16. March!
I went down to Sydney this day to entertain the Russian Officers, and a large Party of Civil and Military Gentlemen and Ladies – at Dinner; 38 Persons having sat down to Table. — Mrs. Macquarie being indisposed was obliged to remain at Parramatta.

Friday 17. March 1820!
I dined this day at Sydney with Sir John Jamison, who entertained the Russian Officers and a large Party of other Gentlemen at a splendid Dinner — I remained these two Nights at Sydney. —

Saturday 18. March 1820.
I returned early this morning to Parramatta, accompanied by Commodore Vassilieff, and Lieut. Aveenoff in my own Carriage, and by Capt. Schessmareff, Lieut. Hall, and Lieut. Ignatieff, of the Russian Squadron. — After Breakfast I walked all over the Town of Parramatta with these Gentlemen. — Colonel Erskine came up from Sydney to dine with us, and Lieut. King R. Navy also made one of our Dinner Party. — Capt. Piper kindly lent me his Carriage for 3 of the Russian Officers.

Sunday 19. March 1820!
I set out early this morning with the Russian officers for Windsor. We Breakfasted at the Inn, and afterwards went to see the New Church now Building, and the rest of the Town of Windsor, including the Govt. Cottage and Domain.

We then went to attend Divine Service in Church – the Revd. Mr. Cross having Preached. — After Church, we went down the River for about Two miles in the Govt. Pleasure Boat. — Took some refreshment at the Inn on our return – and set out for Parramatta at ¼ past 2,O'Clock – arriving there at Half past 4,O'Clock.

Colonel Erskine, Sir Jno. Jamison, and Lt. King R. Navy, dined with us. — The Russian officers expressed themselves very highly pleased with their Excursion to Windsor.

Monday 20. March 1820!
After Breakfast this morning I accompanied the Russian officers back to Sydney – where having transacted Business I returned to Parramatta in the afternoon to Dinner. —
On Tuesday the 21st of March 1820 – The Ship Eliza wt. the Merino Rams, sailed for the Derwent. —

N.B. Six of the Rams died on bd. in the Harbour before the Ship sailed. L.M.

Wedy. 22. March !!!
I accompanied Commodore Vassilieff, Capt. Schessmareff, and Lt. Lelanoy of the Russian Squadron, this morning, after having first Breakfasted at Government House, to see Macquarie Tower & Light House, by Water in the Govt. Barge. On our return, we called at Point Piper, to view Capt. Piper's Grand Mansion there; and having landed at Anson's Point we visited the Govt. Garden; and afterwards the New Stables.

The Russian officers took some Refreshment on their return to Govt. House, and went on board between 2 and 3,O'Clock highly delighted with their day's Excursion – which also included a walk through Lachlan's Garden.

This morning my old and faithful Domestic (– now in my Service 25 Years –) George Jarvis was married, by the Revd. Mr. Cowper, in St. Philips Church, to Mary Jelly – recently arrived in the Colony as a Prisoner – and now Chamber Maid at Government House.

This forenoon at 11,O'Clock, I went to lay the Foundation Stone of the intended New Building in Hyde Park, immediately adjoining St. James's Church, for a General Public Charity School for Male and Female Children – which Building received, on this occasion, at the Suggestion of the Revd. Mr. Cowper, "The Georgian Public School". — The chief object of which being to afford Religious and useful Instruction to the Children of the poor. — I was attended at this important Ceremony by the Lt. Governor, the Secry. to Govt., the Supdt. of Police, the Revd. Mr. Cowper, my Aide de Camp – and my Son Lachlan; all the children of the different Public Schools at Sydney amounting to 259, having also attended and sung a part of the 78th Psalm, on this interesting occasion. — A Dollar of N.S. Wales and some other smaller Silver Coins, were placed by Lachlan under the Foundation Stone. —

This Evening after Dinner, Mrs. Macquarie and myself, accompanied by Mrs. & Miss Cowper, and the Gentlemen of our Family, visited the two Russian Ships, and were most kindly and politely received by their respective Commanders and officers. — Both Ships saluted on our leaving them. —

Friday 24. March!
The Russian officers dined with us today, and after Dinner accompanied us to a Ball and Supper given in Honor of them by the Civil and Military Gentlemen – Merchants &c &c of Sydney, at the late residence of Sir Jno. Jamison, now opened by Mr. Stillwell under the Name of the "Sydney Hotel and Tavern!" —

Saturday 25. March 1820!
Early this morning the Private Merchant Brig Haldane, Commanded by Capt. Orman, anchored in the Harbour, with a rich Cargo of Goods from Calcutta; touching on her way hither at the Derwent, whence she sailed on the 17th. Instant, leaving there H.M. Store Ship Coromandel from England with Male Convicts. — Mr. W. Walker is returned to the Colony a Passenger on board the Haldane. —

The Commodore and five other officers of the Russian Squadron, took a farewell Dinner with us this day. —

On Monday morning the 27th. of March the two Russian Ships weighed anchor and dropped down the Harbour, after Saluting the British Flag, which was duly returned; but the Wind having headed them, they were obliged to come to anchor in North Harbour. Mrs. Macquarie early this morning sent of Presents of Fruit, Preserves, and Liquers [sic] to both the Russian Ships for the use of the Officers, on their departure. —

Tuesday 28. March !!!
This being the anniversary of the Birth–Day of our beloved dear Son, who completes his Sixth year today, it was celebrated by every demonstration of joy we could manifest on such a happy interesting occasion; — but the joy and pleasures of the Day were greatly clouded by the indisposition of his poor dear Mother, who, on that account was unable to partake of the Festivities of this, to us at least, most joyful Day. — At Half past 8,O'Clock in the morning, Lachlan, being dressed as a Highlander for the first time in a Suit of Tartan and Bonnet, proceeded with a number of his juvenile friends on a water Excursion in the Govt. Barge, attended by his own little Cutter, together, together with three Boats full of the Natives – and accompanied by myself and Lt. H. Macquarie. The Fleet rowed slowly from Port Lachlan, where we all embarked, round Garden Island, and from thence to the beautiful little Bay, on the south side of the Harbour, next to Wooloomooloo Bay, and which on this occasion I christened "Elizabeth Bay" in Honor of Mrs. Macquarie, it having no particular distinguishing name before and intending soon to establish some Native Settlers there. — From Elizabeth Bay we returned Home to Breakfast after our very pleasant Water Excursion.

Lachlan entertained 19 Boys and Girls at a sumptuous Breakfast and the same number at Dinner. — About Sixty Male and Female Natives were also entertained by him at a separate Breakfast and Dinner highly to their satisfaction. —

Between Breakfast and Dinner Lachlan accompanied Major Druitt and myself to inspect the Tower and Light House at the South Head. — The Russian Ships having sailed, and cleared the Heads early this morning, we saw them at a great distance in the offing. — We got back to sit down with his 19 Juvenile Friends to a Sumptuous Dinner. —

We had a Select Party of our adult friends to dine with us today, in honor of Lachlan, and we sat down 26 at Table to a very excellent Dinner, the Company consisting of the Persons Specified in a distinct Memorandum. — In the Evening we had the Band of the 48th., and gave a pretty little Dance to the Ladies. — Lachlan sat up as long as he was able, and was much amused with the Dancing – and the Company very much admired him in his Highland Dress. — Lachlan went to Bed at Half past 9 – and the whole Company broke up at 11,O'Clock, after spending a very pleasant Day. —

The only thing to be regretted was our dining at so late an Hour, which threw back the Sports of the Evening for Lachlan and his Juvenile Friends. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 1 March 1820 – 8 March 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.106a-122; [Microfilm Reel: CY301 Frames #511-528].

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