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Tuesday 4. Apl. 1820!
This forenoon anchored in Sydney Cove H.M. Storeship Coromandel, Commanded by Capt. James Downie, with 300 Male Convicts from England, from whence she sailed on the 31st. of Octr. last, touching at Rio de Janeiro, and the Derwent – where she landed 150 of her Convicts, agreeably to orders from Home, bringing on the remainder hither. — A Detachment under the command of Capt. A. Bernard of the 84th. Regt., consisting of one Lieut. & 30 Privates of the 46th. and 27 Noncomd. officers & Privates of the 84th. Regt., form the Guard on board the Coromandel. — This Ship brings no news or Dispatches of any Consequence. Mr. — Hume R. Navy – being Surgeon Supdt. —

Do. — Do. — Do.

I delivered this afternoon his Instructions to Mr. Meehan the Dy. Surveyor on a Tour of Discovery to Mr. Throsby's new Country!

Tuesday 11. Apl. 1820 !!!
This forenoon anchored in Port Jackson, His Russian Imperial Majesty's Ship of War Wostok, [Vostok] Commanded by Capt. Billinghausen, [sic] employed on a Voyage of Discovery to the South Pole. — Capt. Billinghausen waited on me soon after the Ship came to anchor, and afterwards Saluted the British Flag with 15 Guns, which was returned with an equal number from our Battery.

Wednesday 12. Apl. !
The Ship Regalia sailed this morning for the Derwent, and the Whale Fisheries, with Mr. Raine & his Family on board. —

I went up in the Carriage this morning to Breakfast at Parramatta, accompanied by Lt. Sutherland of the 30th. and Lt. Raines of the 46th.; and after inspecting the works in Progress there, we returned to Sydney to Dinner. —

Friday 14. Apl. 1820 !
This forenoon, I went to mark out the intended Scite [sic] of an Alms or Poor's House, for the accommodation of the Poor aged, infirm, and cripple of both Sexes, residing in the Town of Sydney – accompanied by the Revd. Messrs. Cowper, Hill, and Lawry – and Major Druitt. —

We accordingly fixed on a very eligible airy good Situation beyond the new Toll–House, and on the south side of the Parramatta Road, where a Building is to be erected immediately fit to receive and accommodate Sixty Poor of both Sexes. —

Wednesday 19. Apl. !
I entertained this morning at Breakfast Commodore Bellinghausen and the other Principal Officers of the Russian Imperial Ship Wostok – and afterwards to view Macquarie Tower and Light. —

This day His Imperial Russian Majesty's Ship of War The Mirnoy, Commanded by Captain Lazaroff, (and Consort of the Wostok –) anchored in Port Jackson, from discoveries; Saluting the British Flag, with 15 Guns – which was returned with an equal number.

Sunday 23. Apl. 1820 !
This morning early the Ship Lord Wellington, Bark Amboyna, and Brigs Guide and Three Brothers sailed from Port Jackson on their respective voyages; the 3 former Vessels for India, and the latter for the Isle of France & by which I wrote Letters to M. Genl. Darling. —

On the Ship Lord Wellington the Detachments of the 14th. 24th. 30th. 34th. 46th. 69th. & 89th. Regts. consisting of 2 Subaltern officers, 113 Noncomd. Offrs. and Soldiers, 13 Women & 9 Children, under the Command of Lt. Raines of the 46th. Regiment, have Embarked & proceeded to join their Corps.

Wednesday 26. April 1820 !
This morning Mrs. Macquarie, our dear Lachlan, and myself, set out in the Carriage from Sydney for Parramatta, at 8,O'Clock, and arrived at the latter at Half past 9,O'Clock – intending to pass the winter Season at this favorite Residence. — Our Servants and Baggage came up the same day by Water. —

N.B. Forgot to mention under its proper date that we entertained the Russian officers, and a large Party of Civil & Military Officers at Dinner on Monday last the 24th. Instant – 39 Persons having sat down to Table. —

Friday 28. Apl. !
Commodore Bellinghausen, Captains Lazaroff, and Savadoffkie – and Ten other Officers belonging to the two Russian Ships came up from Sydney this morning to spend a few days with us at Parramatta; the three former having come up in my own Carriage, which had been sent down for them the preceding Evening.

Sunday 30. April 1820.
This day anchored in Sydney Cove, The Ship Sea Flower Capt. Spiers from Bengal – last from the Derwent – and Ship Acteon from the Isle of France – and also last from the Derwent; they having sailed from the latter Port on the 23d. & 24th. Inst. respectively; both Ships being ladened with India Goods for this Colony. —

The Comr. of the Acteon, the day he sailed from the Derwent (23d. Inst.) Spoke with a Ship from London going into the former Port. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 1 March 1820 – 8 March 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.123-128; [Microfilm Reel: CY301 Frames #529-534].

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