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Tuesday 1. Feby. !!!
The Commissioner of Enquiry called on me at Govt. House this forenoon, when we had a serious discussion on the Subject of the Circular Letter and queries which I had lately addressed to the Magistrates and Chaplains on the State of the Colony, and after a great deal of warm discussion, he **** and I defending the measure, we parted not friends ! —

Wednesday 2. Feby. !
Through the medium of Mr. Secry. Scott, a reconciliation was effected between Commissioner Bigge and myself, and he agreed to dine with me on the day following, on condition of my not making any use of the Queries sent in by the Magistrates & Chaplains until after his departure for England – which I agreed to. —

Thursday 3. Feby. !
The Commissioner of Enquiry and a large Party of Friends dined with us today. —

Saturday 5. Feby.
I called today at 11. a.m. on Commissr. Bigge to transact Business with him – and to take leave of him previous to his Embarking early tomorrow for Van Diemen's Land on board the Ship Recovery on which I had engaged a Passage for him and his Suite for £250.

In the afternoon Commissr. Bigge called and took leave of Mrs. Macquarie at Government House.

After all this courtesy I was not a little surprised to receive late in the Evening, (past 8,O'Clock) a very angry Letter from Commissr. Bigge on the subject of the circular Letter addressed by me to the Magistrates &c. – which he did not consider as sufficiently satisfactory and expressed himself in a very Strong Style of Language. — I considered his Letter a very unreasonable one, and of too dictatorial a nature, and therefore returned him an answer such as his Letter merited. —

Sunday 6. Feby. 1820 !!!
Commissr. Bigge, accompanied by his Secry. Mr. Scott, Doctor Harris, and Mr. Oxley, embarked on board the Recovery this morning for Van Diemen's Land – and sailed for the Derwent the same day. —

The Ship Minerva Capt. Bell sailed for Bengal on the same day.

I received another Letter from Commissr. Bigge this morning dated late last Night, much to the same effect as his former one of last Night. —

Tuesday 15. Feby. 1820 !!!
His Majesty's Storeship Dromedary Commanded by Capt. Skinner – and the Govt. Colonial Schooner Prince Regent Commanded by Mr. — Kent Sailed this morning for New Zealand to procure Masts & Spars for His Majesty's Navy.

The Ship Bombay Capt. Young, Sailed on the same day for Calcutta.

Wednesday 16. Feby. 1820 !
This morning the Ship "Castle Forbes" commanded by Capt. Thomas Levington Reid, sailed from Port Jackson direct for the Derwent – but ultimately for Bombay. — On the Castle Forbes Mr. Bromley Naval Officer, Mr. Priest Asst. Surgeon, and Mr. Roberts Free Settler, went Passengers, together with 180 Male Convicts for distribution in Van Diemen's Land, with a Guard of 14 Soldiers as their Escort; the Castle Forbes having been engaged to land them at Hobart Town at the rate of Two Pounds Sterling for each man. —

Saturday 19 Feby. 1820 !!!
This afternoon died in the Cow Pastures, universally regretted and lamented, Mr. George Johnston Junr. Supdt. of Govt. Stock, in consequence of a most unfortunate fall from his horse. — The Death of this most useful, active and intelligent young man is a great Public loss, as his place cannot easily be supplied; being a young man of very Superior Talents, and by far the most rising and promising Young Man to which this Country has ever given Birth. —

Tuesday 22. Feby. 1820 !!!
I this day attended the Funeral of the late Mr. George Johnston Junr. Supdt. of Govt. Stock, who was interred in the Family Vault at Annandale. — The poor Father and Family were in the deepest distress.

I signified to the Father that I should be happy to appoint his son David his Brother's Successor, as Supdt. of Govt. Stock, if he the Father approved of it in the first instance, and begged him to consider of it for a Couple of days and then to let me know his determination. —

Sunday 27. Feby. !
The Private Merchant Ship Claudine, Commanded by Capt. John Welsh arrived this day from England, with a rich Cargo of Merchandize from the Firm of Paxton, Cockerell & Trail of London, Consigned to Robt. Campbell Senr. Esqr. Mercht. of Sydney. —

Monday 28. Feby. 1820 !
This day anchored in Sydney Cove The Emperor of Russia's Ship Blahonamerenoy Commanded by Capt. Shesmareff of the Imperial Russian Navy on a Voyage of Discovery; there being three other Ships sent out at the same time from Russia on the same Service, and the Consort of the one now arrived parted with her off Van Diemen's Land. They sailed from Cronstadt on 15th. of July last. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 1 March 1820 – 8 March 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.100-106; [Microfilm Reel: CY301 Frames #502-508].

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