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Saturday 1. Jany. 1820 !!!
This morning early Mrs. Macquarie, and myself, with our dear Boy, set out in the Carriage from Parramatta for Sydney, where we arrived between 8 and 9,O'Clock, intending to reside there during the remainder of the Summer Season. —

This being the anniversary of my assuming the administration of the Government of this Colony Ten Years ago – I invited a Select Party of Friends to dine with us on this day, consisting of the Principal Civil and Military Officers of the Colony, including the Honble. Commissioner Bigge and his Secretary Mr. Scott; twenty Six Persons having sit [sic] down to Table. —

Sunday 9. Jany. 1820 !
The Honble. Commissioner Bigge, his Secry. Mr. Scott, Mr. Oxley Surveyor Genl. and Mr. Gyles Missionary, sailed early this morning on board the Govt. Brig Princess Charlotte on a Tour of Inspection to Newcastle and Port Macquarie being attended by the Govt. Schooner Prince Regent as a Tender. — They cleared the Heads between 7 and 8,O'clock this morning. —

Monday 10. Jany. !
Mrs. Macquarie and myself took a ride this morning in the Carriage to see the Improvements carrying on at Parramatta returning to Sydney in the Evening. — On our return to Sydney I learnt that the Princess Charlotte and Prince Regent, having Commissr. Bigge and his Suite on board, have returned this morning to Sydney Cove, not having been able to clear the Heads owing to contrary winds.

Wednesday 12. Jany. 1820 !!! —
The Princess Charlotte and Prince Regent Schooner – with Commissr. Bigge and Suite – sailed between 5 and 6,O'Clock this morning for Newcastle, having got clear of the Heads by ½ past Six, with a very fine fair wind. —

Mrs. Macquarie, myself, and Family, Breakfasted at Macquarie–Tower this morning –; Mr. & Mrs. Moore, Capt. & Mrs. Antill and Dr. Redfern having accompanied us thither.

At 11.a.m. anchored in Sydney Cove, H.M. Surveying Cutter Mermaid Commanded by Lieut. P. Pr. King R. Navy, after an absence of 8 months & 4 days, and Circumnavigating the Continent of Australia. — Himself and Officers and Crew have arrived in good Health – and he has only lost one Seaman during the Voyage. — Lieut. King has made no important or interesting Discovery of either good Harbours, great Rivers, or rich Tracts of Land. — I ordered a Salute of 11 Guns to be fired in honor of the arrival of the Mermaid.

N.B. We saw the Mermaid in the offing before we left the Heads this morning. —

Saturday 15. Jany. 1820 !
This forenoon anchored in Sydney Cove the Private Merchant Ship Regalia Commanded by Capt. Francis Dixon, with a most valuable Cargo of Merchandize from England – whence she sailed on the 16th. of June last – touching at Rio de Janeiro and the Derwent – which last Port she left on the 6th. Instant. —

Messrs. Raine, Roberts, Slade, and Emmett, Gentlemen Settlers, with their Families, have come out Passengers on board the Regalia. —

Thursday 20. Jany. !
This forenoon anchored in Sydney Cove the Ship Lord Wellington Transport, Commanded by Capt. Lewis Hill, and of which Doctr. Edward Ford Bromley R. N. is Surgeon Supdt., having on board 121 Female Convicts with 35 Children, and Six Free Women with Ten Children, from England and Ireland – which last Country she sailed from on the 7th. of July last – being Six months and a half in making the Passage. — The Female Convicts have all arrived in good Health. —

Friday 21. Jany. 1820 !
Early this morning anchored in Sydney Cove the Ship Eliza Transport, Commanded by Capt. Francis Hunt, with 159 Male convicts from England; Mr. Brydon R. Navy being the Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard composed of a Detachment of the 24th. Regt. being Commanded by Capt. Robert Fraser of the 83d. Regt. Mr. Rich*** Priest Asst. Surgeon for the Colony & some Chelsea Pensioners have come Passengers in this Ship.

The Eliza sailed from Portsmouth on the 12th. of October, and has had a most extraordinary quick Passage of only 3 Months & 8 Days !!! — She has touched no where, and has brought her Convicts, Guard, & Crew, all in good Health; one Convict only having died on the Passage. —

Monday 24. Jany. !
Mrs. Macquarie and myself, with our dear Boy, went up this morning to Parramatta in the Carriage – and returned the following morning.

Thursday 27. Jany. 1820 !
This afternoon anchored in Sydney Cove the Ship "Prince Regent" Transport, Commanded by Capt. Wm. Anderson, with 160 Male Convicts from England, whence She sailed on the 8th. of Octr. last, touching at no intermediate Port; Mr. — Hunter R. Navy being the Surgeon Supdt. and the Guard consisting of 31 Soldiers of the 48th. Regt. being commanded by Cornet Chambers of the 21st. Light Dragoons. — The Convicts and Guard have arrived in good Health – none of either having died on the Passage. — The Revd. Mr. Geo: Middleton Asst. Chaplain for the Colony, his Child and Servant, the wife & 3 children of Cornet Chambers, and a Chelsea Pensioner have come out Passengers in this Ship.

On this same day, about an Hour after the Prince Regent, the Ship "Castle Forbes" Transport, Commanded by Capt. T. L. Reid, with 140 Male Convicts from Ireland, anchored in Sydney Cove; Mr. — Scott R. Navy being the Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of 27 Soldiers of the 34th. & 89th. Regiments being command[ed] by Lieut. S. H. Sutherland of the 30th. Regt. in The Castle Forbes sailed finally from Cork on the 3d. of Octr. last, and touched at no intermediate Port. — Her Convicts and Guard have all arrived in good Health, none of either having died during the Passage. —

Friday 28. Jany. 1820 !!!
This morning at 8,O'Clock anchored in Sydney Cove H. M. Storeship "Dromedary" Commanded by Capt. Richard Skinner, Master in the Royal Navy, with 370 Male Convicts from England – whence She sailed on the 11th. of Septr. last; Mr. George Fairfowl of the R. Navy being the Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of 1 Ensign & 57 Soldiers of the 69th. & 84th. Regiments being Commanded by Capt. R. A. Cruise of the latter Corps. —

The Dromedary touched at the Derwent in Van Diemen's Land where She remained 11 Days – and there landed 349 of her Convicts – bringing the remainder of them on here. —

The whole of the Convicts in the Dromedary – as well as the Guard – have arrived in good Health – none of either having died on the Passage. Mr. Ward, Free Settler, with his Wife and Six Children, Lieut. Mc.Arthur of the R. Navy, and Mrs. Hamilton (from the Derwent) the Widow of the late Asst. Surgeon Hamilton of the 48th. Regt. recently deceased, have arrived here as Passengers in the Dromedary. — This Ship, as soon as She has landed her Convicts & Stores at this Port, proceeds to New Zealand to procure Masts & Spars for His Majesty's Navy there. —

N.B. This same Ship arrived with me here on the 28th. of Decr. 1809 !!! Mr. Shepperd Gunner & Mr. Drake Boatswain still on board.

Saturday 29. Jany. 1820 !
Late this Night H. M. Colonial Brig Princess Charlotte, having The Honble. Commissr. Bigge and Suite on board, and also the Govt. new Schooner Prince Regent, anchored in the Harbour from Newcastle but last from Port Stephens – whither they had been driven by contrary Winds. —

The Commissioner slept on board, and did not land till 8,O'Clock the following morning. — The Commissioner has not visited Port Macquarie as he originally intended doing owing to bad Weather and contrary Winds. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 1 March 1820 – 8 March 1821. Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.92-100; [Microfilm Reel: CY301 Frames #494-502].

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