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Thursday 9. Decr. 1819 !
The French Scientific Gentlemen who set out for Bathurst on Saturday the 27th. of last month, returned this day, much gratified with their Tour. —

The following Ships & Vessels have arrived at Port Jackson during my illness: —

— 1st. On Sunday 28. Novr. 1819 – The Brig Robt. Quaile from Liverpool – with Sundry Merchandize for this colony – having sailed from England on 7. July 1819.

— 2d. On the Same day the Ship St. Michael from Calcutta – with Merchandize – having sailed from thence on 8. July 1819.

— 3d. – On Monday 6th. Decr. 1819 – The Ship Bombay Capt. Young – from Calcutta and Ceylon – with Merchandize; having sailed from the former Place on 10. July 1819.

— 4th. – On Tuesday 7th. Decr. 1819 – The Ship Isabella Robertson – Capt. Mitchell – from Calcutta – laden with Merchandize; having sailed from thence on 15. June 1819.

5th. On Friday 10th. Decr. 1819 – The Colonial Brig Govr. Macquarie – with Wheat from Port Dalrymple.

Thursday 16. Decr. 1819 !
The Ship Recovery Transport, Commanded by Capt. Fotherly, with 188 Male Convicts arrived this day from England – whence She finally sailed on the 3d. of Augt. last; Mr. — [name omitted] Cunningham R. Navy being Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of 33 Soldiers of the 46th. Regt. under the Command of Lieut. Marsh of the 45th. Regt. — The Convicts have arrived in good Health – and none of them have died on the Passage. —

Saturday 18. Decr. 1819 !
Anchored this day in Sydney Cove the Ship Minerva Transport, Commanded by Capt. John Bell, with 171 Male Convicts from Ireland – whence She sailed on the 27th. of Augt. last; Doctr. Quede R. Navy being Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of 31 Soldiers of the 1st. Foot under the Command of Lieut. Harrison of the 45th. Regt. — One Convict died during the Passage. — Mr. — [name omitted] Tate, Free Settler, with his Family, have come Passengers in the Minerva. —

Sunday 26. Decr. 1819 !
Early this morning the French Corvette L'Uranie, Commanded by Monsr. Le Capitaine De Freycinet, Sailed from Port Jackson on her return to old France; having Saluted the British Flag & Fort with 21 Guns on her getting under weigh – which was returned by an equal number of Guns from the Battery. —

Capt. & Madame De Freycinet had called on the 15th. Inst. at Govt. House at Parramatta to take leave of Mrs. Macquarie and myself and to return us thanks for our attentions to them during their Stay in N. S. Wales. Mrs. Macquarie received them on this occasion, but I was too ill to see them. —

As an act of kindness and civility to these amiable People, I sent them, on the part of Government, a Present of a fine Milch Cow and Calf, and a Dozen of good Fat Sheep, for a Sea Stock. — Lachlan sent them a Present from himself of two fine Milch Goats – and also a Sow and Pigs. They were also furnished with Vegetables from the Govt. Garden – and Mrs. Macquarie made some Presents to Madame De Freycinet. —

Monday 27 Decr. 1819 !
I have been for the last four Weeks confined to the House, and principally to my Bed-room until the last 4 or 5 Days – when I ventured below – and have rode out a little on Horseback for the last three days. — My Disease is now removed – but I still continue extremely weak, reduced in Flesh, and very much debilitated. — Doctors Wentworth and Refern both attended me during my severe and dangerous illness, and were assiduous and kind in their attentions. — But had it not been for the extraordinary exertions. unwearied solicitude, and most affectionate attentions and exertions of my good and beloved Mrs. M. I think I should have fallen a Sacrifice to my Disease: – to her therefore – under God ! – I may chiefly ascribe my recovery. —

My disease has now entirely left me, and feel myself, tho Slowly recovering my Strength and also my appetite – but I am still very weak – being now confined to the House for the last four weeks !

L. M.

Tuesday 28. Decr. 1819 !!!
This being the anniversary of the Meeting or Congress of the Aborigines of New South Wales, the Native Tribes with their Chiefs, amounting to 231 Men Women & Children, assembled at the Market Place at Parramatta this forenoon at 11,O'Clock. — At 12, I proceeded thither accompanied by Mrs. M. as Patroness – and Lachlan; the whole of the Committee now 19 in number, the Honble. Commissr. Bigge & his Secry. Mr. Scott, having proceeded at the same time to the Market Place. — The Children at the Institution (20 in number) also attended the Congress and were examined before their Parents and Friends.

After remaining for some time with the Natives, we returned Home, and they commenced their Dinner & Drinking.

The Commissr., Mr. Scott, & the Committee dined with us – having sat down 26 to Table. —

L. M.

In the afternon of this day, the Private Mercht. Ship Adml. Cockburn, returned from the Derwent, having only been absent 5 weeks and 2 Days from the time She Sailed from Sydney.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 9 July 1818 – 28 February 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.87-92. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #489-494].

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